Sai Leela-273- Baba gave me a wonderful life


I have so many experiences with Baba. But this I have written to prove His omniscience. There are so many stories in Satcharithra to prove this. I felt that one such thing has happened in my life too. It still remains as a miracle to me. Om Sai Ram.

I consider Baba as my Guru and father. I was working for an IT firm and I didn't have time to visit Baba temple everyday. So I made it a practice to visit the temple during weekends, I made it a routine to attend evening Aarthi. I would ask each and every person to sing the Aarthi in temple. When you attend it, your eyes will be flooded with tears. Everytime I attend it, it brings tears to my eyes out of joy. I once wished to Baba that I should attend this Aarthi in Shirdi. My mom didn't have a successful marriage life because of my father's behaviour. Everyday was a hell for us. I kept praying continuously to Baba for this and my mom was so keen that I should get married and my life should be good. She was so worried about my marriage and we didn't have any savings. I always used to ask Baba two things, there should be peace in my family and I should get married soon, as this was my mom's wish.

My aim was to wait till 26 to get married. Fortunately, I met a person in my life, we fell in love with each other and we decided to convey it to our family. I never thought that this would work as we faced much opposition. One day we both went to a Baba temple and I prayed that I would donate Rs. 100/- if our marriage succeeds. And few days later, everything went good and we got married. I wanted to get married a little late but still Baba made it to happen soon. Then we made a plan to visit Shirdi along with my in-laws. And in Shirdi two great things happened. We went around 3pm to the temple and we planned to return by 6pm. I totally forgot about the Aarthi. We finished our darshan around 5. 30 and we planned to sit in a place near Dwarakamayi. Suddenly the thought of evening Aarthi came to my mind and I was thinking that wish I could attend the aarthi. And I was so worried that we didn't buy tickets for the Aarthi, also I never knew that Arthi can also be heard outside the Samadhi. We sat in a place where Baba side face was visible through a window. Around 6.15 to 6. 30 it all started "Shree Sashithanantha….” My joy knew no bounds and I was enjoying the Aarthi by seeing my Shirdi Sai Baba in Shirdi.

When we were about to leave, there was a small girl who was selling Baba's photocards. 2-3 people never bought from her. Suddenly she came to me and she started crying that she needs Rs. 100/- to buy textbooks and that she couldn't afford to buy. I asked her not to cry and I gave the amount. I was thinking that why she didn't ask me to buy the photocards and why she just asked for the money. After getting Udi, I was searching for her but couldn't find her anywhere. And then I realised that I promised to give Rs. 100/- as dakshina to Baba if my marriage succeeds and forgot it later. And thus my debt to Baba was cleared. Baba is everywhere. Baba is in each one of us. Even my dad became responsible and our life took a turn after visiting Shirdi. And I was also happy that I got married at the right time. I have got a caring husband and I consider him to be a gift of Baba. Seeing my devotion he has also become an ardent devotee of Baba.

I would ask each and every devotee to make Baba sit in our heart. You can always hear his voice. I have experienced this in my life and I am experiencing it always. I have placed Baba's photo separately so that I can offer Him neivediyam of our wish always. Baba is ready to accept anything from us. It's not necessary that you should have a shower to make food for Him or to stand before His photo. Before having coffee, please keep a glass of milk before His photo. Let it be breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, please make it a practice to offer Him before you eat. Make Him a person in Your family. I love the relationship of a daughter and father and I have longed to get my father's love and affection. Baba is my father I always speak to Him. You can hear Him often. If something happens against your wish, never scold Baba. One day you will come to know why that wish wasn't fulfilled. He will give you the answer for all your questions, not immediately but few days later. I have stopped believing in Astrology, I always have my hope and faith in Baba. He is everything. Baba's satcharithra is an awesome book I bet that if you read it daily you can see a different self of yours. Each and every story will give you an answer and enlightenment. I wish and pray to Baba that each and every single person should get the fruit of happiness, joy and blessings from Baba. Om Sai Ram.



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