—Shri A. J. Mehta,Santa cruz (W.)

From 1956-1960 I was at Surat in service with Divisional Office of Life Insurance Corporation of India. By the end of the year 1958 I got a severe heart attack due to overwork in the Office. After a treatment of about three months my health became almost normal. However, nervousness and lack of self-confidence, which are the after-effects of any illness, persisted. Though in the morning, I would feel that I was quite normal, after my morning meals at about 9-30 a.m. I always felt that I was getting severe pain in my heart and on most offthe days I would avoid attending my office. Since this became almost a daily affair, my wife used to become nervous on account of my health and she did not know how to help me to get over my nervousness and my lack of self-confidence. By God's grace during that time she happened to meet a friend of ours, and she confided in him about my illness especially with regard to my nervousness and lack of my self-confidence and how my persistence in this was affecting her health too. That friend happen­ed to be a great devotee of our Sai Baba and he advised her im­mediately to get a tasvir (framed picture) of Sai Baba and asked her to advise me to simply look at HIM in the morning after waking and at night before going to bed and HE would take care of my well-being. Sai Baba's one of the sayings being "If you look at me, I look at you". We got our BABA's taswir and began looking at HIM in the morning and in the night as per our friend's advice from that day. Believe me from that day onwards our BABA's grace fell on us and I began overcoming my nervousness and lack of self-confidence and within a fortnight I became a normal human being. Since then I have become a SAI devotee.

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