Sai Leela-309 - Baba Helps a devotee find an important Cheque

Story of a devotee who lost an important Cheque 

This is the story of a devotee who has got his important cheque back after surrendering himself to Baba. 

A devotee was given a cheque for his business proceedings and he gave it to his wife to keep it in safe as that was his routine method of doing.After couple of days he was called by the party who gave him the cheque and asked him to return the cheque and get the same amount in cash, since cash will be helpful in business. He thought it would be a great idea and asked his wife to return the cheque to him so that he would give it back to the business partner who gave the cheque.

His wife went and searched for the cheque in the usual place she had kept it but she couldn’t find and got panicked as it was a heavy amount cheque.  Not able to tell this to her husband she started searching the entire house but everything was in vain not able to withstand it anymore she told this to her husband.Her husbands also joined her in the searching but were not able to find the cheque. He went to office and asked his partner to give him some time.

That night his wife cried before Baba and asked him to help them out in this matter. Though, the cheque can be cancelled, it would leave a black mark with the new partner with whom he is about to start business. So she sincerely prayed before Baba & left the pooja room.

Next day when she entered the Pooja Room, to everyone’s surprise the cheque was lying below the Baba’s Sacred Ash box. Their joy knew no bounds she was very particular that she hadn’t kept the cheque there so, who would have done this? No doubt, its none other than our Merciful “SAIMA”.

 Baba knew everything, He is omnipresent. Just surrender your problems to Baba & have faith, stay with patience youre sure to overcome your troubles.

 As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.


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