Saibaba's Love - Experience by Avinash Kaur - Part VI


In 2009, September or October, I started reading Sai Satcharitra and know about Sharadha & Saburi.Even I know that Baba always ask for two coins of shradha & saburi.One day I went to the temple and I offered two 1 rupee coins of sharadha & saburi to Baba.I felt that Baba is smiling.

After 3-4 days I saw in the dream that I am going in the train and sitting alone in the compartment.A fakir came to me asked for dakshina.He asked in this way "child give me some rupee for tea & water (beta chai paani ke paise dedo).I saw him He was wearing white colour clothes and was carrying a jhola and I think that He can be Sai baba.I again saw in his eyes.His eyes were shining and I can't see properly in his eyes but his face was like Sai baba and slowly I relaised that he is my Baba only.I gave him two coins of shradha & saburi with my both hands and he accepted.He blessed me and kept his hand on my head.I came out from dream and felt very much blessed.Sai baba accepted my sharadha and saburi and himself came to accept my coins this is what I feel. I am happy that Baba is always with me and coming in some or other form to express His love. I thank you Baba and I love you .



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