Sai Leela-290 - Baba's Blessing


Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Wishes to all the Baba's devotees and wonderful crew who are able to make this platform happen where we can share our experiences with Baba. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the all personnel for their time and effort. I am sharing an experience of mine which happened this morning.

Coming to my experience I have successfully finished my education few months back and have signed up for a job next month. As part of my credentialing process I was asked to provide the names and contact information of my mentors with whom I have worked before. There were 5 mentors altogether and I have interned with them for one month each, 5 years ago. I was able to get in touch with three of them with difficulty and they had agreed to signed the forms. But I was unable to get in touch with two of them and could not get the forms to be signed.

Without their signs my new employer was not ready to go ahead with the hiring process. For the last one week I was very, very stressed out. I have a exam in next few days and due to this tension I was not even preparing for that and was extremely nervous. As always I prayed to Baba and begged Him to show me a path and resolve this issue. This morning I again got an email from my employers asking for the signatures from the two mentors whom I was not able to get in touch with. I was in tears and prayed to Baba that I will do Saptah parayanam if this problem got solved. Later I made couple of calls and talked to few of my friends. One friend advised me to call and talk to the HR and explain the situation. I gathered some courage, prayed to Baba and called the HR lady. With my dear Baba's blessings the lady became very friendly and told me that she could understand my problem and just asked me to write a statement explaining that I was not able to get in touch with those mentors so that the HR people will not pursue about those signs further. The problem which drove me crazy for the past ten days was now resolved with Baba's blessings. I am now relieved with Baba's grace and able to focus on my upcoming exam. I am also getting ready to do the Saptah Parayanam immediately after my exam as promised to Baba. Thanks Baba for Your intervention and Your blessings. Please continue to shower Your love and affection on all of us. Peace to the humanity.




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