Leela -160 - An Unforgettable Experience 

By: S.L.Luthra 

I visited Shirdi for the first time sometimes in 2004 along with my son, who was then working as a senior officer in a leading multinational company at Bombay. The visit was very inspirational and by Baba's graceful blessings I could lay hand on an Urdu version of Sai satcharitra named 'Sab ka Malik Ek'. Repeated study of the book gave so much confidence and realization that I could observe and feel Baba's blessings pouring day in and day out in all our living activities. This automatically resulted in changing my life style creating full faith in Bhagwan Shri Sai Baba and his teachings viewed through his lilas. My visits to Shirdi became frequent and Baba's 11 vachans were being realized and felt quite often. 

In one of our visit to Shirdi, we five members started from Bombay as usual by our car early morning at 5.00 am, with intention to return back by night as my son had an important meeting next day. While we had travelled half way a few miles before Nasik, the car developed some problem and stopped. Although it was almost a new car, our expert driver could not start it and we were waiting to take a decision to go back as my son's next day meeting was crucial. My prayer to Baba as usual was, 'Tera Bhana Mitha lagee'. The moment I uttered the prayer, a big eight seater car stopped near me. Apart from driver it had one person (a Sai Bhagat or Sai himself) sitting on the front seat. He just enquired what the problem was. I told him, the car had developed some problem. He immediately responded that he was going to Shirdi and could accommodate five of us easily. We thanked him and immediately accepted the graceful offer leaving instructions to driver to have the car repaired and if so done in an hour's time come to Shirdi or leave for Bombay if repairs take longer time. 

On our way to Shirdi he told us that he stays at Dubai and visits Shirdi every year. He added that he had been to Shri Satya Sai Baba before visiting Shirdi. We continued on talking about Sai, when we thought of having Brunch in a good restaurant. He agreed and we had the privilege to have lunch with Him. In spite of our best intentions and efforts he did not allow us to pay the Bill. He asked us whether we had any problem for darshan at smadhi mandir. We informed that we had requested someone for arranging VIP passes. On reaching at Shirdi near reception office he told us look for the person for our passes and if we do not get, to tell him for assistance. 

After contacting person concerned for arranging our passes, we came back within five minutes to thank him and take his visiting card which he promised to deliver on reaching Shirdi, we could neither find the car nor the person. We made frantic efforts to locate him and his car at nearby parks, but failed. On the contrary we met our own Driver with our car. He added that after half an hour when he tried again car started without any effort and after taking lunch on way he has reached just now. 'Is this all a chance or Baba's blessings' depends on how much you are devoted to Him. He says 'bhar tumahara mujh par hoga wachan na mera khali hoga'. This incident had happened about six or seven years back but my mind enjoys His affectionate touch even today. I had the grace of shaking hand and taking lunch with Him-a superb blessing. Not adding much, I very humbly confess that that even at the age of 80 years, I hardly pass a day when I do not notice his perpetual blessings and have developed a habit of thanking him for showering his blessings at us at every step. Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki jai.

Source: SpiritualIndia

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