Leela -228 - Sai Ma is always with me 

I am working in a PSU in Hyderabad and during 2010 I was transferred to a neighbouring town on the grounds of long standing in the city. We have our own flat here and it is very near to the work place (walk able). My daughter did her schooling in the nearby school. Now the transfer entails shifting of our residence near to the outskirts of the city and I should travel around 70 Kms (up and down) daily to reach my new office. Also my daughter has to be admitted to a good institution for studying her Inter. Since the new head quarters is a small town, my salary will be reduced (as allowances are commensurate with the class of the city/town). Apart from physical and mental strain due to change of workplace and residence and education of my daughter, financial stress also was to be encountered. The burden was too huge for me. I totally surrendered unto the holy feet of our beloved God – Sai and started praying, praying, praying for smooth sail! And true to His nature, He virtually bore all my burdens and helped me wade through all the difficulties. I will now tell you how,

Miraculously we got an affordable house(with all facilities) in a very good locality in the outskirts of the city and the house was very close to bus station. We got our daughter admitted in a reputed Junior college which was around 10 Kms away and hence my daughter could attend to college without any problem. Though I had to travel long distance, Baba arranged car pooling for me which made my journeys quite comfortable. In the office, I was loaded with several additional charges which were quite new and challenging. But Baba virtually bore all my burdens and helped me to render my duty to the best satisfaction of my officers. In fact the new headquarters earned me a lot of accolades from my officers and staff which I owe only to Baba! My daughter also got very good marks in inter and got admitted to one of the premier institutions (though she could not secure admission to IIT) We were rather disappointed but I was happy that I could visit my daughter ( in the hostel) when ever I want, as her college was quite near to the place we live! Also my daughter liked the college atmosphere as there was total freedom and flexibility in attending classes! Then I understood that “if Baba does not give what we want He has got better plan for us”.

After 3 years during (2013) I was transferred back to Hyderabad and got posting in the place of my choice by Baba's grace. Again we had to shift our house to a locality which is easily accessible to all of us. I prayed to Baba for a cosy home in the desired locality with affordable rent. Also I put a major condition to Baba that I should have His temple and Shiva & Vishnu temples nearby so that I can regularly go and pray. See His Kindness again! Within one day we got a flat with all amenities and reasonable rent. Bus station was also close by. But I was not sure about the temples even though the owner said that Sai Baba temple is nearby. I was feeling restless and somehow settled for that house. After paying the advance, we started back home and the car was taking U turn in the main road. Lo! I could have the Darshan of lord Shiva through the window which I never expected! Tears rolled down my cheeks and I was thanking our beloved Sai for His kindness! We were asked to shift on a Thursday by our astrologer as it is the only auspicious day available in that month! My joy knew no bounds. After shifting I am happily having the Darshan of Sai Maa and Lord Shiva and Vishnu and all other Gods and Goddesses whenever I want!

Dear Sai brothers and sisters, I have just realized that His grace is infinite and cannot be expressed in words! We can experience His grace and love for us only through our sincere devotion and prayers! He wants only our faith and patience in return! But Sai Maa, we are too small creatures and big sinners. Please bless us that our Faith in You grows more and more and our devotion to You grows day by day. Otherwise we cannot sail through this ocean of life! Hetal ji, I will share a few experiences in the next post. Thank you and your team for this opportunity. Thank You Baba for making me write about Your Leelas. Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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