Leela -268 - Baba Always Helps in time

Sai Devotee Leela from India says: Thank you for providing us a platform to share our experiences and making one more modern Sai Satcharitra.

Baba helped me many times in many ways. Once I was in need of a huge amount. I requested one of my friends who was staying in abroad. I didn't want to ask him for help but as I had no other option I asked him. Initially I tried with my best friend and asked her to check with her parents as I know them very well from past 8 years. But even as they had very huge expenses recently for building a temple they couldn't help me. Then I asked the abroad friend and he told ok. He told he would be providing the money once he got the salary. Then I waited for 10 days and then I asked him to transfer the money. But he told he bought a mobile with that money and he used the amount and he couldn't help me. I didn't understand what to do as I had already had a commitment of arranging the money. This happened on Thursday. After coming from temple I heard this news and felt very bad. I couldn't ask anyone and of course it would be less time for anyone to prepare 1 lakh amount immediately.

I went out of office as I had work in a bank and while travelling in bus I saw Babaís photo and I cried very badly saying why He did this to me that on a Thursday. I told Him that He likes to make me cry on Thursday and He will be happy doing this and I cried continuously. I couldn't even tell this to my parents as they would also get nervous of arranging money. I reached the bank and I was with my work. Suddenly my best friend called me. I did not even call her after asking money as she might think that I called again to ask money. Suddenly she called me and asked whether money got arranged or not. I told I was not able to arrange. Then she asked to give 10 minutes time and then she called her colleague and then he told that he could arrange. All this happened within 20mins time I cried and scolded Baba. I couldn't control my tears how to express gratitude to Baba. I told my mom what and all happened. Even she felt happy. Baba didnít want me to take help from that person and that was the reason He denied for help. But Baba helped in time to me in other form. Thanks Baba. Sorry for posting it late. Be always close to Baba and leave everything on Him. He will take care of the rest. Thanks for being with me Baba.

I had a wish that one of my friend Jayashree should get conceived. From long time she was facing this problem of getting pregnant. Dear devotees please pray that her wish should come true. A single prayer can change impossible to possible. Thank you. Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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