Leela -262 - Udi Miracle

Udi Miracle-My wish for my friend fulfilled, I Love You So Much Baba! Om Sai Ram. With Immense happiness I am writing this experience. You are imbibing and increasing faith for all the devotees through this website.

I always thought and said it to Baba, when my turn will come to post the experience and finally Baba has given me chance to post experience for the wish that I had wished for my friend. I am a working woman and one day I heard from my friend that one of my friends whom I know had been diagnosed with dermoid cyst and along with some other cyst in one of her ovaries. It was a cancerous cyst and due to which the ovary had to be removed. It was difficult for girl that to single (unmarried) to have ovary removed as you all know that without ovaries, it is no way of getting pregnancy. After hearing that I was totally disturbed. I was told this news by my friend on Wednesday and the surgery was scheduled on Friday first. I was disturbed and did not know what to do? After I reached work station I saw Baba’s idol on my desk and prayed Baba saying Baba it is really tough for a girl to have removed her ovary. And my friend has dreams of getting married. Please help. Soon it struck in mind that Baba's Udi does miracles. So I pinged my friend and asked her to give Udi to the one (my friend) who was getting surgery done. So with lots of faith and confidence, I put Udi packet at Baba's idol and gave it my friend. I asked my friend to insist the other one to have this Udi in water. I was a bit worried whether the other friend (who is getting surgery) would accept and drink it or not. But by Baba's grace she drank it. And I prayed Baba saying that my other friend (who is getting surgery) should not get her ovary removed and if so I will post the experience. I prayed Baba to help her and save her from the surgery. Fortunately my friend's surgery got postponed from Friday to Sunday. We visited today (27 Feb 2017) and prior to this did not know any news or updates from her as she was still under observation.

After visiting today, I heard from herself that the doctor said the ovary is fine and it will not be removed as the cyst has layered the ovary and they just removed that. After listening to that my happiness knew no boundaries. I just loudly said Thank God (Baba). After coming out of the ward, I hugged my friend saying I am happy, I am happy. Yes, I am happy, its Baba Who made me happy. Although it was not wish of my own, but yes it was my wish for my friend and it got fulfilled. I am sure, Baba will make me post my own experience for which I am awaiting His blessing since 4 years. Baba You are awesome. I just love You so much. You have not only fulfilled my wish but boosted, increased my faith, love and patience. Baba I just need Your love. I do not need anything other than it because if I have Your love then I will get everything in this world. Please be with all devotees and please shower Your love. Thank You so much Baba.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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