Leela - 152
Om Sai Ram – the powerful chant
By: Yogesh Prabhu


''Om Sai ram'' this is a very powerful chant I have ever seen in my life. I would like to share some beautiful experiences with you.

My wife had chickenpox when she was 3 months pregnant; I was very much concerned about the new born. That moment, I could only pray to Baba; suddenly a thought just came to my mind about Baba's Vibhooti (Udi). I just mixed it in water and gave it to my wife. I had a strong belief that my baby will be normal and yes I was very surprised, my wife had a normal delivery and the baby was fit and fine. I couldn’t find words to thank Baba. He is great. If you believe in Him, He is always there to help you.

One more experience of mine which I would like to share, is one of the miracles, I can say. During a weekend holiday I was playing with my daughter when suddenly my mobile fell into water. That was my favorite and I was heartbroken. I tried switching it on, but nothing worked. I had to give my mobile for servicing and got to know that it could not be repaired in UAE and had no other alternative, but to send it to India for repair. That night, before going to bed I prayed to Baba and hoped that my phone would start working. I put my phone for charging and slept praying to Baba. Morning when I woke up and re-started the phone, there was the miracle. The phone re-started and was working fine. This is nothing but his blessings and a miracle.

Some time back, I was very depressed due to my office work. I prayed Baba to help me come out with a solution but nothing was working in my favour and I was going through a tough time. Then I remembered that Baba would always say, that whatever come your way, happiness or sorrow, we need to go through it with Shraddha and Saburi. We need to learn to be happy and lead life remembering Him and all our sorrows will come to an end. I prayed to him relentlessly and came out of the depression.

Source: Spiritualindia

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