Acharya's Experience

óBy Bhaumik Acharya (Dhwarakamai Devotee)

We should discuss in a way that takes us to SAIBABA's feet and make us remember HIM.

I will narrate a great experience which happened to me.

THere is a friend of mine-- a dentist by profession and he is a kind of atheist person.
he got diagnosed with Blood Cancer. The day I heard about him I felt very pity for his debility and wanted to help him by providing him BABA's Udi. But due to some reasons time passed by and mean while he was on his treatment from Mumbai. and I was also in a state of flux that being an atheist fellow how would he react when I offer UDI to him. I mean if he disgraced UDI than ?  that was the question on back of my mind so I was also a bit of hesitatnt to offer UDI. But One day while doing NAMAJAPA, I decided I will offer UDI to him and Prayed to BABA to give me dtrength and offer him UDI for his benefit. so i decided and met him. I explained about SAIBABA and IMPORTANCE of UDI and offered UDI to him. I didn't know how will he react to it but to my wonders he stood up  and accepted UDI very graciously. He asked to how shall he apply UDI.now the realization about BABA's omnipresence comes. my dentist friend told me that He was desirous to visit SHIRDI to take SAIBABA's refuge. and he has started reading about SAIBABA this statment surprised me a lot. he inquired to me about SHIRDI and he was surprised too because he was not expecting that he would get UDI this way. that was all SAIBABA's leela. I was just a tool.

I felt SAIBABA's omnipresence that day 

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