Leela -242 - Baba blessed me with my desired Job

 I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from England! First of all thank you to whole team for providing this platform for keeping devoteesí faith alive. I am sharing my experiences so that other fellow devotees who are in desperate need of Baba's blessings can keep their faith stronger. Today whatever I am itís only Babaís blessings. Baba blessed and guided me my whole life and I pray to Him to bless all of His children.

Baba blessed me with very good life partner and baby and a very good job which I hadn't expected. I was working as an Engineer in MNC. It was a dream job with very much good environment and salary. I was working in contract where each year contract gets renewed. But I had to leave my job as I was going to have baby. My contract ended automatically once I went on maternity leave as it was companyís policy for contract workers. Though it wasn't fair but I had to accept company's HR decision. But my senior advised me that he would try to hire me back in future if there is any vacancy in the department as I was very hardworking and dedicated employee. I was sure that due to many years of work experience, I would get job anywhere easily. So I wasn't worried much when I had to leave job.

Days passed on and I delivered a healthy baby boy. After 3 months my mom came to live with us for few months to look after the baby. So at that time I decided that I will go back to work rather than staying at home as my mom was looking after the baby whole time. Some agencies called me immediately as I uploaded my CV on some job website. So I was quite confident that I would get the job. Agencies approached me with the new vacancy opening in my previous company. I applied for that job. After some days I got feedback from the agency that HR informed that the CV got rejected telling that I didn't had relevant work experience for the particular opening vacancy even though I was working in the same company earlier. I didn't lose hope and applied for other companies. Gradually one after another as soon as I applied for the job they called me for interview. But unfortunately I didn't get selected. But those companies were in other cities and even if I got job then I would have to travel at least 1 hour one way per day. But due to my baby I wanted to work in my hometown only. I used to get call from agencies for job but they were all for long travelling distance from my home. Like this four, five months passed. I was getting restless and not understanding why I wasn't getting job. In my previous job I was good at my work and I even got appreciation from managers. But now nothing was happening as I had expected.

So I even started to consider working in another city even if I had to commute longer distance. I was called for an interview but job was in another city. Interview went well but I didn't get positive feedback. Similarly I got another interview in another city but after interview I don't know none of the companies were selecting me. Initially I was very confident that due to my work experience and skills I will get job anywhere. Slowly I lost confidence. Then after knowing about 9 Thursdays Vrat from this website, I started to perform vrat sincerely. I got call from agencies but don't know in the middle something wasn't working out. I contacted my senior from previous company if there were any vacancies but unfortunately there wasn't any. I have started my vrat praying Baba to bless me with a job back at my previous office only as it's very near to my home and I like company environment very much. But there were not any suitable vacancies opening. I started to lose faith in Baba at some point but my near dear friend encourage me that Baba will always listen to His devotees and he takes our exam and we need to win Him with our patience and faith. Then I left everything to Baba and kept doing my vrat with my same wish.

Sometime I felt that I was being selfish and praying Baba only when I needed Him but then also deep in my heart I had faith in Him and left everything on Him. Like this my 5th, 6th, 7th Vrat got completed and still there was no progress. I didn't want Baba's words to go in vain and just wished Baba to keep His words. As usual I was applying job online. I had seen some vacancies opening in my previous company but they were for different roles and once my CV was rejected already. But then also I applied. Few days later agency approached me telling that they had applied my CV for that role. But I was very sure that this time also CV would get rejected. Days passed and there wasn't any update. My 8th vrat was coming near and one day lady from the agency called me telling that the company selected my CV and they wanted to meet me for interview. That was quite unexpected. I requested them to schedule my interview on Thursday i.e. my 8th vrat day.

As it was my previous company, I tried to avoid meeting any previous colleagues as I didnít want them to know that I came for interview and then I got rejected so I better try to keep low profile. Later on interviewer came (the person I knew from another team) to take my interview. After some normal interaction he said that as I had come there I may want to meet my past colleagues and he took me to office upstairs. I met every one of them and they were glad to see me back and they were asking me when I would be starting my work there. At that time the interviewer (senior engineer) said that whenever she is ready. I wasn't realising what was going on. Later on I came to know that they had already selected me for that particular role that I had applied and the interview was just for formality. Where as in normal process there will be a tough interview selection process in such a big MNC. It was such a beautiful wonderful miracle blessed by my Baba where He gave me my job back to my previous office which was my dream job wish i.e. to be able to get job back to my previous office. Senior engineer said that I got high recommendation for that role from many people. I believe it's only Baba who performed this miracle and blessed me a job without interview. Finally I got my desired job back due to Baba's blessings.

So, I would like to say to all devotees that keep praying Baba whole heartily He will definitely bless and fulfil your wish. He definitely can made impossible possible. May Baba bless all of us. Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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