Leela -229 - Baba's Blessing

Om Sai Ram, I come from a very simple family. I pray always and I am a big devotee of Shirdi Baba. My whole family follows the same. I must write the post to share my experiences. I have written a few from those many experiences I have had. To begin with, my first experience was during my 12th STD CBSE exams. I found the syllabus hard and also completing the syllabus as another challenge. I took Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Teachers also thought I was very average and they asked me to do change streams. But I did not change as Biological Sciences has been my passion. However, I could not do my exams so well. I thought I will score only around 60% or so. I thought I did it below average. I started praying to Shirdi Baba and read the sacred book Sai Satcharitra. A great wonder happened! I passed my exams with flying colours. I scored above 80% in everything. I completed by under graduation in Biological Sciences as well. 

Furthermore, I applied for my masters and I applied to only one university abroad. I did not apply to any other university, but just one. I was waiting for the university results after my interview was done. Many people said you must apply to five universities or more as it is very difficult to get into that particular university. It is highly ranked in the world. I knew Baba is always there with me. Always! I got into the university. I would like to share another experience. My sister was facing hard times. She was studying masters in Computer Science. She was studying abroad. Getting a job is so difficult. Most of the companies did not call. She was highly depressed. Prayers always work wonders. My sister got a good job. She is so happy. One day she just called and said, hey I got a job. My whole family was waiting for that day. I have faced so many hardships in my life. Especially 3 years back, I was in great depression. But Sai Baba is always there with me. He communicates with me throughout. All we need to do from our side is to have faith and patience. Prayers always work. Be positive and just do your duty. Everything will fall in place. Sai Ram. 

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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