Leela -245 - Baba my Sole Protector


  I wish to thank you and all the devotees across the world who are doing the kind service of spreading the name our Baba. Baba is very kind. He is our true creator and protector. He is always with His children and would do anything to protect them. He has showered His kripa on me always and I pray that He blesses all His children. I had promised that I will surely share these miracles with everyone.

We have very tensed relations with my husband’s side of family. I always try and maintain cordial relations with them as much as I can. One day, it was my brother in law’s wedding anniversary and I texted his wife to wish both of them. I did not get her reply for the entire day and I was feeling bad thinking that why people behave so coldly. I had only wanted to wish them on their day. I asked Baba and my inner voice told me that she will reply back. I was thinking that again some misunderstanding has cropped up and the relations have become sour. I am always scared of sour relations. As the day was about to end, I prayed to Baba that please make things alright and I hope there are no problems between us. Baba as kind as a mother listened to me and my sister-in-law replied back. I was very thankful to Baba as there would be one less matter to resolve. Thanks Baba. Thanks for everything.

One more incident is on the karwa chauth fast, I asked Baba to please come in the form of the moon so that I can break the fast. That day it was raining heavily and there was no way of seeing the moon. But a small prayer to Baba did the trick and after I prayed I could see the moon behind the clouds for a short period. Baba came in the form of the moon to bless His daughter. Such are His kind leelas. I love You Baba. Baba is very kind. He always and always loves us no matter what. All He needs is out unconditional love and devotion. Such are His kind leelas. I have dedicated this life to Baba and Baba only. I am Baba’s and Baba is mine. Love You Baba. Jai Sai Ram. Baba bless all.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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