Why Fear When Baba is Here

Baba manifested Himself and helped the safe delivery of the wife of Shri R. Ramchandran, Mumbai.....

Shri R. Ramchandran was a railway employee residing at 8/392, Vasant Building, Matunga, Mumbai. He had known about Sri Sai Baba ever since he had read the Sai Satcharita in 1950. He had full faith in Sri Sai Baba and the words “Why do you fear when I am here ?” touched his heart.

When Smt. Ramchandran was nine months pregnant, Shri Ramchandran received a call from his mother-in-law requesting her daughter’s presence as she was seriously ill. After consulting the doctor, and casting all the burdens on Baba, they left for her mother’s place by Chennai Mail. His brother’s son gave him Rs. 100/- to be handed over to his father at Chennai, which he accepted. He began praying to Baba in the train.

The next morning at around 8.00 a.m. his wife started getting labour pains. The train stopped at a small station. A Muslim fakir who appeared to be a doctor got into the train. There was no one else in the compartment. Shri Ramchandran asked the fakir whether he had any medicines for the safe delivery of his wife. The fakir prepared three packets of medicine. Two he handed over to Shri Ramchandran. The third he administered to Smt. Ramchandran himself. He gave instructions that the remaining two packets should be given at 2 hour intervals. The fakir then got off the train at Solapur.

When she finished taking all the three packets, as instructed, her labour pains stopped and she felt better. Before the train reached Adoni, she went to the latrine. Unexpectedly, she delivered a baby boy very safely in the latrine of the running train. The train stopped at Adoni. Her husband was anxiously waiting outside the door of the latrine. Suddenly a woman’s voice told him that she was there to help and he need not worry. He told her about the delivery of his wife in the latrine. She took a knife from him and along with another woman completed the essential routine. Shri Ramchandran paid Rs. 5/- as an offering for her timely services. She took the amount and left.

He wondered how the woman happened to come to that particular compartment and went away after the services were over. He told this to the station master at Adoni, who arranged for Smt. Ramchandran’s admission to the Civil Hospital at Adoni. She stayed there for 13 days and got all the proper treatment. A lady doctor from the American Mission helped her most in the hospital. In an unknown place they were able to pull on quite happily. He utilised the Rs. 100/- given to him by his nephew. He thanked Baba for answering his prayer and the appearance of first the fakir in the running train, the assistance of the unknown woman at Adoni and the treatment at the Civil Hospital in Adoni, as well as the Rs. 100/- which could be utilised for the expenses.

By this incident, is it not clear that Baba is active even after His Mahasamadhi to lend a helping hand and timely help to His devotee ?


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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