Leela -156 - I did the real Seemollanghan!!
By: Divya

I have had many experiences where Baba helped me but I never wrote or disclosed any to anyone but I want to share one particular experience that happened recently on Dusshera (Vijaya Dashami) day.

I have been a devotee of Baba from my childhood and I have read Satcharitra a few times. I have often wondered about one particular chapter in the book. I never understood why Baba had to tear off his clothes and shout at the devotees who were doing Seemollanghan on Dusshera. People usually cross the village/ city boundary that day to observe this ritual. I found no reason for why Baba to be so angry about it but I never questioned it. Recently when I was hearing a discourse on Baba I understood that Seemollanghan meant crossing your own boundaries of lust, anger, attachment, greed, over pride, jealousy, selfishness, injustice, cruelty and ego. It is said that we should observe Navratri to leave all these and celebrate Dusshera (Dasha Hara- ten defeated) at the end that we defeated all these ten bad habits. It is not just a mere ritual of crossing boundaries.

So coming back to my experience, I had a hard time at work. I was reluctant to come out of my comfort zone and learn a new technology but I had a deadline to meet and I was not anywhere near to what had to be done. It came up to a point where it could lead to losing my job. Having so many personal commitments and a new baby I could in no way lose this job. On Dusshera day I went to my work place and started working but constantly praying Baba in the back of my mind. The time had come to demonstrate my work but I was still failing. I was certain that I would lose this job but at the same time I was sure that Baba will not abandon his devotees. One last click would determine my fate. So leaving everything to him, I did what I had to do and closed my eyes shut as I could not face failure and embarrassment in front of my colleagues. I was making up my mind to pack my things and leave but all of a sudden I hear applause! As I open my eyes I saw everyone congratulating me. Slowly after everything settled down, I realized that I did Seemollanghan! Just like Baba wanted me to! I crossed my boundary of comfort zone (attachment), tried something new-though I failed at first; I eventually succeeded. He was there all the way to help me and guide me. It was of special significance to me as it happened on Vijaya Dashami.
I, with His help crossed one of the ten boundaries. I am sure someday he will make me cross the other nine and teach me the real meaning of Seemollanghan and finally take me into his path!

Source: Spiritual India

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