Sai Leela-283 - Baba overcame All the obstacles and Blessed me for Wonderful Shirdi Trip


Ganesha Sai. Om Sai Maa to all Sai Baba devotees. I am Sai Maas daughter of 21 year old. We all belong to a single family of Baba devotees. I am glad to be a part of this big family. After a visit to Shirdi for first time it became my dream to visit Shirdi again and nearly waiting for a period of Two and a half years, Baba blessed me and called me to His Darbar. But here is the miracle how Baba Himself planned for my Shirdi trip and called me to Shirdi by solving all the problems. I wished to go to Shirdi and see the beautiful place again where our Baba lived. But there was one or other problems which prevented me for going to Shirdi.

Finally my aunty called me during Feb this year and asked me and my family if we could join her in the Shirdi trip. I, my mom and sister we three decided to go to Shirdi with aunty. But the date was not yet fixed for booking our train tickets. My aunty called me (When i was in college during free hours) and asked me whether she could book the tickets for June 27th (Because other than this date all other dates were booked). But I was little confused with the date as my 8th Semester engineering exams would be during May and June. As talking to aunty in the call I was bit confused, and asked Baba's help whether to say yes or no to this date. Here is the miracle of Baba, Immediately when I turned back I saw a picture of Baba in a car in my college. Before this I have never seen Baba's Picture in any of four wheeler vehicles. I felt like Baba is saying me to say Yes to book the tickets in that date. Finally my Shirdi tickets were booked on June 27th. My final exams were scheduled on June 5th and was commenced to end within June 20th (Including 8th Semester project). But due to some problem in the university, My exams got postponed for a week. Generally students would be happy when their exam is postponed as they get still more time to study. But I was the only student who was sad by hearing of the postponed of exams because I feared that my dream to go to Shirdi would get cancelled. But deep inside my heart i had full faith in Baba as my trip was planned by Baba.

Now my written exams got scheduled on June 13th and commenced to complete on June 20th, but my project practical exam was not yet scheduled. Days passed and it was 21st of June and still my project exam date was not yet scheduled and announced by the university. It was a situation like my project exam should get scheduled on 23rd itself as June 24th was Saturday and as a 4th Saturday its a holiday, 25th is Sunday a holiday, 26th is Ramzan, so its government holiday and 27th is the date where my Shirdi tickets was booked and I need to leave for Shirdi that day itself. I prayed a lot to Ganesha Sai and had full faith in Baba. Here comes the miracle of Baba, my project exam date was fixed on 23rd and I successfully completed it with blessing of Baba. Finally I finished all my exams before 27th June. But one sad thing was my sister could not join us for Shirdi due to some problem. I felt very sad why Baba is doing this but I trusted Baba fully. I and my mom we went to Shirdi with our huge family and relatives. We had a very good and peaceful Darshan of Baba, attended Kakad Aarti in the morning. Overall we had a wonderful trip with the blessings of Baba. I and my mom when we returned our home after the trip, we came to know that my dad and brother suffered from fever and they were looked after by my sister. Then I realised why Baba had cancelled my sister from joining us to Shirdi because if she had joined us there would be no one to look after two persons who had severely suffered from fever. Thank You so much Baba, Your plans are always great. Now I am jobless but I have full faith in Baba surely, He has wonderful plans for me. Love You a lot Sai Maa.



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