Shri Sai Baba's Timely Help


I made a trip to Tirupathi on 31st March, 79 by bus. I reached Tirupathi Hills at about 4-00 p.m. and tried for accommodation in Choultry No. 2, as the single rooms are quite comfortable. 1 was told that none of the rooms were vacant and so I was allotted another room in a
different row in the same block. Since, (had taken my grandchild with me, I was worried about the accommodation. Somehow, I took things easy and spotted the room alloted to me.

To my surprise the accommodation alloted to me was quite comfortable-two rooms with bath and a latrine. I went through all traditional rituals-head shaving etc., and had the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara after-a period of seven hours waiting and moving in the queue.
Next day was 1st April'79. Sunday. As usual we finished all poojas etc., and came down the Hills. Here also we visited all the temples and had our lunch. Moreover the child had to be  fed, it became late to arrive at the bus stand, to get the seating accommodation, as 1 refused
standing accommodation. We were rather worried about our return journey to Bangalore. We gut into a bus to Bangalore via Kolar from where the further connection was assured.

We reached Kolar at 7 p. m. and waited for the connecting bus to arrive. The bus arrived, all the passengers rushed to enter and occupy the available seats. I was carrying my suitcase and got into the bus. While getting into the first step of the bus, I was pushed by a Sikh from behind and 1 landed on the step, with more weight falling on me. Somehow, I managed to get into the bus with my suitcase, while my Mrs and the child were lelt behind. In the meanwhile the Sikh started abusive language and tried to assault me for asking him why he pushed me down from behind in such a hurry to get into the bus. There was commotion, some siding with me and others supporting the Sikh. Along with some passengers, the conductor also joined the Sikh.

I thought that something worst was going to happen to us as majority of the passengers appeared to be regular bus travellers on that route and they all were siding with the conductor. I prayed to "SAI" as generally I chant His name throughout Sundays. I told the Sikh, "You have committed a mistake and instead of feeling sorry for your rude misbehavior, you are blaming me for no fault of mine."

Suddenly there was a transformation and the rude Sikh turned towards me and said, ('I am sorry for what has happened. Please forget it" Saying so he shook hands with me, while all others started looking at us quite amazed. I told him, "Your insult is not for me but to one
above and HE will surely forgive you for you repentance". Then we exchanged some casual talks and the Sikh said that I looked like his father since I have a grown up white beard.

I do not have more words to-express than to say that my bones would have been counted, had not my CARETAKER SAI SHANKAR' come to my rescue and cooled down the hot situation in a moment when I thought of HIM. This is how Sai Shankar has kept his promise
to run to the help of His children in times of trouble. We since intensified the silent prayers for HIS timely help till we reached Bangalore.

This is one of my many experiences. I always feel the presence of His Almighty in times of  my need, though at times HE fans the situation and brings it to an abrupt end in a Sick of a moment.

Source : Saileela Magazine

The above Leela reminds me of 11 saying of Baba

"I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me."


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