Ashish's Experience of reading Sai Satcharitra


I take the blessings of SAI before I could share my experience with all the devotees.

 It is true that the devotees experience the leelas of sai when they read  SAI SATCHARITRA. Believe me or not, SAI  will always be with the ones who read and listen to his stories.

 I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA two years ago.I adored BABA so much that He is everything to me.I never ate anything without first offering to Him. Like all, I had a few problems in my life and promised BABA that I will read SATCHARITRA  daily till HE fulfills my wish. 

On SRI RAMA NAVAMI day, 2011, I woke up from my sleep hearing someone pushing me from the bed asking me to come to the temple soon.I woke up took my bath, read my SAI SATCHARITRA and went to the temple soon. But to the surprise of all when I went there I had seen a person wearing a long dress, and a cloth tied like a cap on his head, holding a satka in his hand like BABA used to and also a cloth like bag around his arm. I was actually surprised to see the sight, and was dumbstruck. I kept seeing HIM till I came out of the main temple and I was thinking about HIM when I was in the temple's masjid.

He was with me until I took the darshan and came along with me till I left the temple.The whole day I was thinking about Him but the very next day I went to the temple and asked the people if they had seen such a person.I was told that there was no such person who resembled BABA that day and they told me that as I read SATCHARITRA daily, BABA himself came to answer my prayers.

Isn't it strange?.How come the person appear only to me, be with me when I took the darshan, follow me, wait until I leave. I had tears in my eyes when I heard people saying that the person is BABA.I started loving HIM more , participated in the arti's daily.  I asked BABA for a wish, actually its my dream to pursue higher studies and I know that HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME IN HALF WAY THROUGH.

I love you BABA, you are always my loving parent and my sadguru- bless everybody.





Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.


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