Leela -232 - Baba Saved me from Cancer

Anonymous Sai Devote from Canada says: I am a female in living in Canada for past 15 years. I am Sai devotee and feel His presence in my life every day. Jai Sai Ram - I want to thank Baba and share my story with all you friends. I had a ultrasound of Kidney and the report was not conclusive and somewhat suggested the Kidney cancer. I was referred for MRI. I was waiting for my MRI report and had an appointment with doctor on 29th. I am a Sai bhakt, I had made a resolution that I will finish Sai Satcharitra before this date and unfortunately I did not. When I went to see the doctor on 29th, he said that he has not received the report from the hospital and my next appointment was scheduled for 4th. I remembered that I did not finish my Sai Satcharitra. I finished the book on 4th, right before I went to see the doctor for my MRI Report. With Saiís blessing the report was good, no issues. I truly believe that this miracle happened because of Saiís blessings. May Sai shower His blessing on all the devotees and may all your wishes come true. 

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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