Leela -230 - Blessing from my Sai & more to come

I'm a software engineer from a humble family in south India and our family has been Sai devotees for more than 5 years. I would like to share some of my experiences with all Sai devotees Dear friends, Children of Sai from all over the world, i pray for all of you for your well being, health, wealth and peace. I would like to share few of the miracles and blessings which Sai had showered on me and my family. Well, where would i start, Sai has been with us in each and every instance of the happenings. I couldn't think of any small or big things without Sai blessings. Let me share the instances in my life alone so far, I was working in mid-size IT company with a good salary and designation but due to certain things i couldn't concentrate on work and started looking for a change to avoid the reasons which were distracting me. I prayed to God to help me get a job in my native city of where i can be with my family and start working better. Sai heard my prayers and blessed with a Job in a highly reputed IT company with very good salary and that too in my native city. I was very happy for this blessing which changed my course of life and helped me get back my real happiness with my family & friends once again. I was happily going to office and started working in my hometown.

In the mean time my sisterís marriage got arranged in a very good place where we never could have imagined without Sai blessings, that is a great blessing for my sister and our family from Sai which we are ever grateful to Sai. I had a good balance of work and personal time until i started working for a project with a manager who was very poking and slowly it started degrading my working attitude and i was losing interest in work and wanted to either move to a different company or project but it was little difficult for me to make any decision, however i kept praying to Sai to help me stay focused or show me the way to get out of that situation. I also had a dream of going onsite and work in abroad to earn more money for a period of 5 years and then return back home and starting a business. But nothing was happening except me getting fed-up, so i decided to move and started praying to Sai to help yet another time since He is my last resort for all my life. Out of desperation i prayed to Sai to give me a new job and abroad chance so that i can get my wishes fulfilled, but Sai always has a plan for each of us. However to fulfil my prayer Sai gave me a new Job in a Small company and along with an abroad chance. This chance seemed to be a short-cut for my career growth where i can go to a bigger position in a small company and when the company grows, i would also grow in my career but there is always a risk in small companies regarding their stability. Since my friend who referred my name for the Job had promised me that the company is doing well and is in a stable state to pay the salary make profits.

As soon as i joined i was offered to travel abroad for a project which was a great thing for a new comer. Initial few days were good but something was not rite and slowly the first month got over and i was awaiting my first salary, to my shock they did not pay the first month salary and everyone who is working there were aware of these problems and i started getting to know this from the existing employees. I thought of waiting for a month, more and even that failed. My 1st & 2nd month salary was paid on the 3rd month. In the mean time i prayed to Sai realizing my mistake for asking Sai desperately to give me everything immediately. I was worried badly and prayed Sai to get to out of this problem and put me in a Safe place. If this problem was continuing it would be difficult for me get married as well, already my marriage was getting delayed since we couldn't finalize a bride for me in spite of searching for more than a year. I returned back from abroad within 2 months and Sai had a plan for me to put me in a safe place. I attended a walk-in interview for an MNC in the same week and i got selected for the Job, but the offer was not released immediately, i waited eagerly and prayed to Sai to send me the good news which i needed badly. To my surprise i got a call from the HR by name Sai and it was a miracle which i could not forget ever in my life.

On the day i joined i experienced another miracle, the person who was sitting next to me in Induction was named Sai and he became a friend immediately. All this happened like dream, what i remember is me crying to Sai to help me and bless me. Sai heard my prayer and answered for my tears by blessing me and showering His love on me as i needed it very much. The last two points of this testimony are the most recent and the most important ones in my life which has given a new dimension in my career and the biggest gift of my personal life. After i joined the my current MNC company i was happy and wanted to make the most of my career and to stick on with this company for a long time. The first 3 months is a phase when we try to get into a project which suits our skills and start the work. I got very few project calls and nothing went through till joining the actual project to start work. In the mean time my search for a bride for my marriage was also rigorous in my family. Almost 3 months after joining the company, HR started telling the new joiners to leave the company if they could not a find a project within 3 months. I was again worried regarding this and started asking Sai to take control of my life and help me lead a peaceful life. I still cannot believe how Sai had turned my life and gave me back a big smile on my face. I got a project abroad and on the same hand i found my life partner. Onsite project and my wife are the 2 biggest things which i got together and i was excited and thanked Sai to the core with all my heart. Actually Iím not finding the correct words to express my feel of thanks to Sai. Thanks You Sai, You are my saviour and my guardian for my entire life. I got selected for an onsite project within the 3 months deadline and before i was about to travel, my engagement got fixed on the same day of my travel. My engagement happened in a simple way in my wife's home and i had to travel to same day for my onsite project.

By Sai's grace everything went well and my wife and i understood each other in a short period of time and we love each other abundantly. The project which i joined was in a very different area than my experience so the first few weeks were a little difficult and slowly i started picking up and got very much involved with work. During the course i got additional work in my project which made me get better visibility in my client side. Overall the last 1 year has been a great time with my wife in a new country and spending quality time with each other. This was something which i was longing very badly and was praying to Sai to help me get settled in life and start my own family life. I have 2 important prayers which are required for me to go into next stage of my life. Itís been almost a year since i got married and we are trying for baby from past 10 months, Sai is making me wait for the rite time i feel, but still we are hopeful that Sai will give this blessing soon for us. One more important thing is even though Iím abroad for more than a year now i haven't got the actual monetary benefits which Iím supposed to get from my company due to their internal issues, however Iím hoping that Sai will bless me again and reward me for all my waiting and my prayers. Dear Sai Bhagvan, Sai Maharaja, please help me like how You always saved me from my sorrow and bad situations, I'm Your son and disciple waiting for You to show me my path and lead me to light and greatness in my life. Help me Sai please, i love You Baba. Thank You for all that You've given and thanks for all You are going to give me. Om Sri Sai Ram, Jai Sri Sai Ram! Dear Sai devotees, thanks for reading my long post patiently, and i request You to pray for me and i assure You that i pray for each and every one of us to Sai. God bless you all and keep posting your experiences to share and spread the power of Sai maharaja Ji!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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