—By Sai Devotee

It is no exaggeration to say that Lord Sai is God Incarnate. He has performed miracles in His lifetime and after leaving this earthly life. His
devotees have had miraculous experiences in their careers and one of the many instances is the following fact actually experienced by one of his

Sow. Rajalakshmi, the nine-year-old daughter of Sri. T.R.S.Mani Iyer, Sri Rajalakshmi Vilas, Kumbakonam, well known as an ardent devotee of Lord Sai,
was dumb by birth, Much dejected by this, he worshipped the Lord Sai most fervently and found solace in Him. One day Lord Sai ordered Sri Iyer to come
to his Samadhi at Shirdi. Much exalted. Sri Iyer with his daughter went to Shirdi on 28-3-42. They worshipped the Lord before His Samadhi; and “Lo the
girl began to cry “ Sai Baba, Sai Baba.” Is it not a miracle? Does this not go to prove that He is the incarnation of God?

The girl is now studying in the school and there is now a veritable improvement in her speech. Greatly rejoicing at the mercy of Lord Sai, Iyer
is daily offering pujas to Him in his house at Kumbakonam and of late he performed three Laksharchanas to Sri Sai Baba.

In May 1944, he again went to Shirdi to attend the Sri Ramanavami celebration and paid homage to Lord Sai by presented Benares Silk shawl
worth about Rs.500 and also a silver lamp (Kuthivikkulu) to the height of his daughter costing nearly Rs.400. His extreme faith in Him and ardent
devotion to Him manifested as above, have attracted many more devotees to His doors at Shirdi. Puja as done at Shirdi, is being performed at his
residence at Kumbakonam daily.



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