Sai Leela-302 - Sai's Miracle in My Life

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from India


Hi all. I am from Tamilnadu. I have experienced so many miracles of Baba but here I'm sharing one which is so special to me. Thanks to everyone who work on this website making it a beautiful platform to share our experiences. I am a devotee of Baba from 2008, since from my 8th standard. I got to know about Him through my Hindi teacher. Initially my parents don't want me to worship Baba but I never heard to their words since my faith in Him increased day by day. My father being a logical man thought Baba was a human like us then why should we pray Him so dad refuses to visit Baba temple. Then later on my mom started believing Baba.

Once when we were returning from Chennai few years back I was sad since I planned to visit a Baba Temple nearby. It was night time and raining heavily that day and we went in a car. My dad lost his route and we asked in a shop to know whether we were on the right path. That man said that we came on a wrong route and asked us to drive 4 more Kms ahead and join the road next to a Baba temple. I was extremely happy and asked dad to stop in that temple. And dad agreed readily. It was a newly built temple (near Perambalur). We worshipped Baba well and they gave us Prasad. Rain stopped and we started our journey to hometown. On the way my dad said that he felt something suspicious after worshipping Baba and touched his chest and said block released (which he was complaining for about a year). It was like a miracle and dad started worshipping Baba and he carry a Baba photo always in his shirt pocket.

Wherever I go I feel like Baba is with me, I will see His photos in auto bus and in shops. And I'm struggling for an admission in a college of my choice and I'm having a hard time. I am crying all day. I request whoever read this to pray for me please please. Sai Ram.




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