Baba fulfilled the wishes of Shri Ramachandra Vaman Patankar & gave Darshan


Shri Ramchandra Vaman Patankar, a retired Head Clerk, Police Department, Alibaug, Coloba District, a devotee of Akkalkot Maharaj came to Shirdi in 1910 to take darshan of Shri Sai Baba to get His Blessings as his monthly earnings of Rs. 30/- as Clerk in Customs office was not sufficient to meet his monthly family expenses. He used to visit Balakrishna Buva's Mutt, Ram Maruthi Road, Dadar to take darshan of Shri Akkalkot Swamiji's photo there. He used to attend Shri Das Ganu Maharaj's Kirthan and Pravachanam of Baba's Leelas. Even after hearing these speeches, he did not believe Baba and he was in thought that Baba was Muslim. His friend Shri Ganu Shyam Gupta a railway employee who started to Shirdi compulsorjly requested Patankar to accompany him to Shirdi for Baba's darshan with his own expenses. Patankar told his friend that he wont's pay any dakshina to Baba and even if he wants to pay, he won't pay more than Re. I/-. With this determination, he came to Shirdi with his friend. At that time there is only one hotel was in Shirdi for meals. When taking food, Patankar found some worms in meals and in dal and started shouting, whether he came there to eat these worms. His friend has warned him about this matter. Afterwards they both went to Baba's darshan in His place. On seeing Patankar, Baba enraged and drove him away. On hea­ring Baba's words he decided to go away from Shirdi even without Baba's permission. But the devotees there requested him that Baba would be calmed down soon and he may take darshan again. Again they both gone to Baba for darshan. On seeing Patankar Baba told in his own way "That people are coming here to eat worms". On hearing this vital words from Baba both Patankar and his friend amazed with each other and Patankar fell at Baba's feet and realised Baba as a great saint. After Baba's Snanam was over, Baba given darshan to Patankar as Akkalkot Swamiji, same as the photo in Balakrishna Buva's Mutt. He realised that Baba and Akkalkot Swamiji are not different and his doubt was completely cleared and gave Re. 1/- as dak-shina After receiving this, Baba again asked Re. 1/-. He gladly paid it. Baba gave them permission to return to their house. After his return, he got a job which fetched more salary and felt thereafter, yery glad throught his life.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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