Sai Leela-317 - Miraculous Medicine - Baba's UDI


Here I would like to narrate about a leela which happened last week in my house.

My Husband last weekend was all normal and was sitting on the floor. Suddenly when he woke up, he was not able to move his right leg. He was not able to either move the leg or walk as it was severely affecting his knee.

When we touched the knee, he was suffering from severe pain and he was not able to move a bit. We became so worried about his condition, since he is just recovering from a Major Operation.

I tried applying pain balm / joint relief balm but there was no remedy and the pain was still there and he was not able to move. He was just lying in the bed since morning till evening. We started having lots of unwanted thoughts and were really worried.

All through the day I was asking Baba why you gave this but never thought of applying the medicine which he has given to us. Finally a thought came and I applied Oil Mixed with Baba's Udi on his Knee and prayed to Baba for immediate Cure. Leela of Baba started, after applying Udi, in some time his pain subsidised and in an hourís time he had no pain and was back to normal like morning.

Babaís UDI is really a miracle medicine which can cure anything if applied with real faith.

Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

As narrated by a devotee of Dhwarakamai

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