Leela -249 - Baba Spoke to me on Phone

 I exactly don't remember the year when I came to know and became the devotee of about Baba but it must be about 7 to 8 years back. I had once gone for my check up to a hospital where coincidentally one of my sisters- in- law was working as doctor in the eye department. When I saw her there, I asked her to do mine and my daughterís eye check up. I was totally broken when she told me that my daughter had extremely high cylinders (-6 in both the eyes) and she won't be able to see without specs. I came back home and cried a lot in front of Sai Baba's calendar which was hanging in our bedroom. I kept crying for about 3-4 days.

Then one day when I was staring at Baba's photo and weeping suddenly my phone rang, I didn't want to pick up my phone as I was crying and didnít wish to talk to anyone. The phone was from an unknown number and kept ringing so I thought of picking it up. When I picked up the phone the male voice told me in hindi " Mat Roo Beti, Tu Kyun Roo Rahi Hai, Jo Hua Hai Woh Acche Ke Liye Hua Hai Aur Jo Hoga Wo Achhe Ke Liye Hi Hoga"(don't cry my child, why are you crying, whatever has happened has happened for good and whatever will happen in future will also be for your good). I was spell bound and couldn't believe my ears. I wished I could hear it again to confirm that it was not an illusion and the same wordings were repeated. After keeping the phone I immediately called the same number but it said that the number does not exist. I kept calling that number for few days but the answer was the same. That was none other than Baba calling me and consoling. The doctors have said that my daughterís eyes will be normal again after laser surgery when she attains the age of 18 . So I leave everything unto Him.

There are many more miracles in which impossible things have become possible but if I start writing here all the incidents, the page will be full. My main intension of writing here today is that I had promised Baba that if I get my lost gold bangle back I will post my experience here. We were going to a cousinís birthday party so I dressed up myself and changed my bangles to match my dress. I was wearing a gold bangle which my mom had given me during my marriage. I took it out and kept it in my suitcase. As we were late while returning from the party and I had to attend my office next day, I didn't get time to change. We put our suitcases in the car and drove back to our place which was a 4 hours journey. The next day when I opened my suitcase the bangle was missing. I searched the whole suitcase again and again but couldn't find. I was really very upset, did not feel like doing anything. Just prayed to Baba that He should help me in finding the bangle. The other pair of the bangle was in my almirah locker which I had kept before going. After few days I became normal and consoled myself that someone else might be in need of the bangle so it went to that person. After few weeks I had gone to the bank and wanted to keep a necklace in the bank locker and to my surprise, when I opened the bangle box I saw my lost bangle there. My joy knew no bounds but till today I am not able to understand that when both the pair of bangle was there at home before I went to the party, then how come one I found in the bank. Anyways all I can say is Baba is great..!!!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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