Saints work in Unision


Though it is confirmed that Baba is neither a muslim nor a Hindu, devotees of yester years and today doubt Baba belongs to Islam by His external appearance. We have read in Sai Satcharitra He lived in a dilapitated Masjid christened 'Dhwarakamai',He allowed Akhanda Dhuni, Akhanda Deep Bell, Tulsi Brindavan there. At the sametime He did not discourage mohamedans also to pray as per their custom. Before His Maha Samadhi, he removed His langoti and asked devotees present to judge whether He was a muslim or hindu. Even in Dhulia Magistrate court He declared His religion was 'Parvardhigar'(GOD).Strictly speaking He is above religion, region, cast, creed.

We know He gave darshan in the form of 'Ishta Devatha' or Guru to some devotees who were reluctant to seek His blessings. In the incident narrrated below another saint asked his devotee to do Sai puja (Sai Sudha,MArch'1944) :

" Sri V Swaminadha Iyer of Mayavaram arranged Sai puja on 6-2-1944 and for the purpose he requested Maruthur Santhana Ganapatigal(purohit) to come with four other vedic brahmins. ON his expressing inability he requested a local Sastrigal to come with four pandits for the puja. Though he consented the brahmins did not turn for the puja till 10 am. But the Sastrigal came only at 10.30 am and when questioned he said "the previous day, doubting that Baba is a muslim, I decided not to attend the puja, but on 6-2-44 at 5.30am Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Peetathipati Sankaracharya Swamigal appeared in my dream and directed me ,'You go to Mayavaram junction immediately and do my puja there, don't doubt'. Having heard this dream, i went out immediately and told all vedic pandits and came with four others for this puja this is the reason for my late coming. Out of ignorance i committed a mistake in doubting Baba's divinity. Certainly Baba is an Avatar and there cannot be any objection."

Dear readers, it is said that we are not supposed to know 'Nadi mulam' and 'Rishi Mulam' (origin of a river and a rishi) and try to keep ourselves away from the controversy of religion.



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