Sai Leela-285 - Baba's Mircale in getting me a job


I am a Software Engineer who got married to the love of my life. I was a homemaker who got a job recently by Baba's grace. Last year 2016, I applied H1B. Baba was kind on me in getting my profile selected in Lottery. I was walking early in the morning. On my way back I got a call from one of my friend who recommended me to my employer. She said that my profile got selected in lottery. I instantly started crying and thanked Baba for getting me there. My happiness knew no bounds. By December I got my petition approved. Right from January my employer started my marketing. I had location restriction as I had a toddler to take care of. Because of that my job was getting delayed. Then I realized that in order to get my job I need to lift my location constraint. This was in the month of March. I was praying Baba that I should get a job. Days passed on and I kept trying trying and trying. I started with 11 weeks Thursday Pooja and I believed that at the end I would get my job. But Baba had other plans. May be He wanted me to prepare well. I was so angry on Baba that He would make His devotees suffer till the very end. Everyday I was keeping on scolding Baba for my state. I was not believing Him from my heart even though I did Pooja’s for Him.

During this time I got one interview which was in another location. I cleared 2 rounds. For the 3rd round I had to take online test which I did. But they rejected me. This was the first interview that I went till that far. I got more angry on Baba and scolded Him a lot. Few days later I got information from one member who got selected in the interview which I attended. He told me that project is not signed off and all the team members are resigning. I was happy that Baba has not given me that job for a reason. Instead He wanted me to gain experience from that interview. Then I started again with 5 weeks of Baba Pooja and successfully completed it. I vowed to Baba that I would do my Sai Pooja only after getting a job. In the month of June I got call from my employer stating that they will stop marketing my profile as I was too long on bench. If they stop marketing then I need to leave to my native country. I started talking to my ex-colleagues so that I would join work from my native home. I thought Baba did not want me to get a job here in US. But something kept me pushing to believe Baba. I came across a blog which stated to light 2 Diyas with ghee for Baba daily. I started doing that with Shradha. If I was not able to do then my husband will light it. I started going to temple daily for 21 days to remove any obstacles for getting a job. I believe that Baba showed me this way too.

During this time I got a call for an interview. I did phone interview but I did not do that great. To my surprise I got selected in the interview. This is really really a miracle from Baba. I told my husband the news when he returned back home. I could not stop crying. Baba is great. What ever He does He does that with a reason. So please please believe Baba with your heart and soul. At the end you will reap all the benefits for that belief. Jai Sai Ram.



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