Sai Leela-348 - Fever Subsided due to Grace of Sai Baba's Vibhuti


Dear Team, Om Sairam. Thank you so much for posting and sharing my experience of Baba on this website. Baba I am sorry for sharing the post late as promised. The number of experiences of Baba can never be counted, as He is always with us every moment and time and guiding us whenever we need help. We just need to feel His presences in our hearts and He will guide us and be with us always.

The experience i had might look so silly but what i like to convey is Baba is there with you everytime and even for the smallest thing you expect.

Just a few days before my birthday on 21st April, I started having cough and flu, and was praying that I should get well and not get fever. However on my birthday itself, I had high fever and became very weak. But somehow I managed to go to Baba’s temple, be part of evening aarti and take His darshan and blessings on my birthday.

In evening I went back home, managed to have dinner with family as they were waiting for me, to cut the cake too. After that I became really very weak and fever was getting worse. My friends had booked some soccer match tickets as a birthday gift, to go and watch a friendly soccer match between Singapore team and Bollywood actors from India on Sunday. It was some sort of a charity match. I did not want to spoil the plan because if I did not go, my friends would also not go since it was for my birthday. So on Saturday before sleeping, I prayed sincerely to Baba to please reduce my fever by morning and make me well, so that I could go for the match. I had some of Baba’s Vibhuti in water and drank and prayed to Baba and went to sleep. Of course, next morning, my fever had gone down miraculously by the grace of Baba even though I was slightly weak. But I did not even need to take any other medicines except for Baba’s Vibhuti. Also I did not have to cancel the plan and managed to go for the match. Thank You so much Baba.

Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha. Om Sai Ram.

Source: As narrated by a Baba devotee from Singapore - Shridisaiexperience


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