Sai Leela-347 - Baba saved our House from Flooding


Om Sairam. First of all I would like to thank the team for providing this wonderful platform. Our belief in Sai Baba is widened when I read similar experiences that are shared here. Today I am going to post one of the miracles that I experienced. 

One year before a severe flooding affected the Kerala due to unusually high rainfall. Heavy rain has also caused unexpected landslides in many parts of Kerala. This made the situation worst. In our place also flooding affected due to the opening of nearby dams.

We had a faith that this won't come to our area as earlier ones. But suddenly water level increased and it started to cover houses in our colony. We were just trapped in the middle of water. At that time we didn't know what to do because water level was rising very quickly. I used to do poojas to Sai. So I knew He would not allow me to stop my Pooja and He would definitely save us from this. Yes the miracle happened. Water just came in front of our house. But it didn't enter into our house. I am sure Sai only stopped the water. I don't know how to thank my Babaji for saving us always. I don't have words to explain my happiness and gratitude.

Thanks a lot Babaji. Please be with us always like this and shower Your blessings on all of Your devotees.

Sree Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. 


Source: As narrated by a Baba devotee from Kerala - Shridisaiexperience


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