Baba in my Life


“If you cast your burden on me I shall surely bear it”. This is one of Baba’s 11 sayings. I became a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba at an age of around 14 or 15. My mother used to read Sai Satcharithra and used to tell some of sai leela’s whenever she gets time. After listening to those leela’s, I began praying him and from then onwards I became his devotee. I went to shirdi for the first time in my life along with my family members
in 2002. I just completed my +2 then. It was really peaceful at
shirdi and I felt so blessed.

After +2, I joined engineering in a college near to my place. It was a new environment there and made only few friends. Personally, I am calm going, never had any close friends and used to be in top 10 till my +2 in studies. But after joining engineering, I lost interest in studies and used to waste a lot of time. During my first year exams in summer,that day while writing an exam, I was not feeling well, so I had to give away the answer paper and thought of going to the women’s rest area. As soon as I came out of the exam room, I fell down unconsciously. After I opened my eyes there were some people around me and they put some keys in my hand. They gave me some water and the examiner asked if I can continue writing the exam. I said ok and completed the exam. After 3 months, the results were announced and sadly I failed one paper. Burst into tears after hearing that. That was the first time I failed in studies. Mom and Dad felt very sad.
They didn’t expect that I will fail in a subject. In fact, I too didn’t expect. Luckily the subject I failed was not the one I wrote on the day I was not feeling well. This was the exam 2 days after the incident mentioned happened. We had supplementary exams after 6 months. I wrote the exam again and this time also I didn’t clear the exam (was suffering from severe cough on the day of the exam). Then again after 6 months I gave the exam. I completely trusted baba and wrote the exam. I passed with 78 marks in that subject. Felt so happy and my belief in SAI BABA grew much.

One thing I had to say is during my entire engineering studies, I never read any subject. I used to open the book the day before the exam and for the questions given in the exam I used to write answers which has to relevance to the questions asked. I used to write whatever trash comes to my mind. But I never failed in any subject. I think I passed all the exams due to Baba’s grace even though I didn’t perform well in those exams. I am very much thankful to you Baba.

After completing my engineering, my MOM and DAD want me to go to the US and pursue higher studies. I was 21 by the time I finished my engineering. In the 21 years of my life, I had never stayed in a hostel or in any relatives place other than my grandparents place. I gave the exams needed to go to the US and got admissions and applied for a visa. I was not so interested to go to US, but it’s my parents wish to want me to settle in US. I didn’t expect that I will get a visa, but it was BABA who gave me visa. I was not so happy even though I got visa, because, I have been thinking of how to go alone and how to settle there. As I said I had never been in any place other than myhome and grandparent’s place till that time. My MOM said not to worry and BABA will take me safely and that he will take good care of me there. The day I had to leave to the US has arrived and everything went on smoothly and safely arrived in Chicago. I had to take a flight to st.louis after reaching Chicago. For this, I had to change to a different terminal and catch the flight. I don’t know where I was going…….I just went on like that and finally arrived in a terminal where I was supposed to be by the help of one Indian family. And then they left and I was alone and soon I saw a telugu-speaking girl andasked her if I were in the correct place to catch my flight. She said I was and she took me to the gate and stayed with me for ½ hour and said she has to leave to catch her flight. The thing is, she was also going to st.louis, but her flight is one hour before than mine. I reached st.louis and was waiting for my baggage. The girl I met in the airport came to me and said she was happy I arrived safely and asked me to take care and wished me best of luck. That girl is no one but SAI BABA for me. She left one hour before than me and how come she was still in the st.louis airport until I arrived. She is none other than BABA only. My MOM said that BABA will take me safely and that happened. After that I reached the university and everything went fine. I did well in academics and scored a good GPA and got an honors degree. All this happened because of BABA’s grace.

During the last semester of my studies in summer, I came to India and my parents thought of getting me married. My MOM said that she told BABA that they were helpless and asked BABA to find a suitable person for me. One week after that, they found a matching profile and due to BABA’s grace my marriage was held successfully. BABA was with us during my marriage. He invited all the people coming to my marriage and made things go well. And came into my life is a person who I think is the best that has ever happened in my life, feeling proud to have him in my life. It was BABA who gave him for me and I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have him as my husband in my life. No words to describe him.

By Baba’s grace, I am happily married and he takes good care of me. Recently, my DAD had a major and critical heart operation. Before the operation I asked BABA that he should do the operation successfully. As asked, BABA did the operation successfully. Two weeks back, I had a minor health problem and asked BABA to cure that and many thanks to BABA for listening to my prayer. Will do as said to you BABA……

I am struggling to get a job due to recession. Hope BABA understands me and gives me a job as soon as possible. Please BABA…….BABA, without you I don’t know where my life would have gone. Because of your grace, it’s in the right path and I want you to take care of my entire family. We are all depending on you and our lives are kept on your feet…… Without your grace, I can’t move forward in my life and can’t do anything successfully.

Be with us and take care of us until we leave this world and reach you SAI BABA………


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