Leela -236 - Journey through Baba's Miracle

I am a recent graduate from a University in USA. This is a part of my story,about Sai Baba’s miracles that I witnessed personally in past few days.

This all started soon after my graduation i.e . May 2016 when my job search became intense. I was struggling hard to even fetch a single interview call. And as most of you know here under OPT you can remain unemployed for maximum 90 days. I got a call from my dream company but was rejected in the initial phone screen. I got really dejected after that. I dint have any interview in pipeline and my friends had started getting placed.

(miracle-1)Then a new friend came into my life as a messenger of Baba and he again put my reference in the same company. This time I again got a call from the same company i.e my dream company and I was able to clear the phone screening. But here comes the twist. The position got filled before my onsite interview got scheduled. I prayed hard to Baba all through this time and was back to home. My mom was reading Satcharitra(completed in a week).

(miracle-2) Then in the mean while some other team got interested in my profile and they directly called me for an onsite interview. I considered it as my fate and left for the place where interview was supposed to take place. It was a 7 hours journey and throughout the journey I was chanting Sai. The day I reached there I was too tired due to the transition. So I slept off early without revising for my interview. Next day I had my interview scheduled from 9. 00 am. I got up at 7. 00 a.m and was ready by 8.00 a.m. After that I started from my hotel towards the office building, where I got confused and took a wrong street. After walking for a while Baba made me realise that I was walking on the wrong street. So I retraced my path and located my hotel, seeked help from someone for the directions to my place (sorry not a person who consult maps ).

(Miracle-3) In between I stopped at star bucks to have a cup of coffee and only 3 pieces of apple thinking how will I survive till lunch on those 3 pieces, unaware about the fact what is waiting for me in front of the office building. The moment I reached my office building, I found 2 people sitting outside the office building distributing Bananas as community service for free and then I realized that Baba has sent His blessings and Prasad through this. You won't believe that banana kept my stomach filled for such a long time that I was not at all hungry in between and even after my interview. Then I proceeded for my interview confidently because I not only had my Baba in the form of a photo in my bag but also as a blessing in that banana and then I had 6 rigorous rounds of interview which really went smooth with Baba’s grace. I had my return flight the next day. I came back contemplating how my interview went, did I really answered the questions correctly. Between all these thoughts 4 days passed which were really tough for me to wait to actually experience.

Baba's finale miracle-4 and until now my faith in Baba got really intense. I will admit that times were tough, to keep patience in those times were difficult but at last Baba blessed me and He made me clear the interview. Today I have my offer letter and this is all due to Baba and only Baba. Om Sai Ram. These words have become my life now.


Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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