Leela -251 - Baba is my support in every situation


My name is Rajani and I was introduced to Baba very dramatically by my manager about 9 years back. In USA, no one talks about personal faith but we are talking about Baba, He can pull a sparrow with a thread even living far away from Shirdi. It is true in my case. I cannot list all the blessings I got from my Baba but I will list 2 major experiences.

My first biggest experience is that He has brought so many blessed people in my life. He has blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters after 8 years of my marriage. He promised me Saburi and I tried my best with Shraddha. I was on side of 30 and he blessed me with my daughters with absolute no issues. Om Sai Namo Namah.

My second experience is very recent one, happening right now. I was having headaches since 4 weeks. I was scared to go to doctor but eventually I called the doctor and she asked me to get a Brain MRI. I called MRI centre to get appointment and I got on Tuesday and I almost confirmed but last minute I asked is it open MRI, I am scared of closed one. They said they donít offer open MRI so I called another MRI centre and they gave me appointment on? Can you guess? It was Thursday! Om Sai. There were 3 days gap and dear Sai had shown me everyday a miracle because I cried so much all those days to show my any miracle of His presence. Here in USA, you donít get to see Baba's pictures. First day He showed me through a friend of friend posting Baba's picture. Next 2 days, He showed me a sign which I cannot disclose. Last day, I was waiting but could not see anything. I was looking into FB too but no clue (I didnít want to search; I was waiting to show automatically by someone). I was ready to do and whoa! Someone liked live Shirdi aarti and it showed up on my wall. Om Sai.

I went to MRI and waited for the results, Thursday and Friday. I was crying whole Thursday and Friday morning, didn't hear any results. Around Friday 2 p.m, I fell on knees crying to Baba to give me strength to hear. I started my parayanam and 9 Thursday vrat. At the same time, my husband called the doctor for the results and he said he did not see anything major, not to worry. Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai Om Sai. I am going to neurologist to rule out everything, I still have headaches but the intensity has reduced a lot. Om Sai Baba, You are my healer, You are my support, You are my everything! I am so fortunate to know You. Om Sai Nathai Namah

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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