Sai Leela-316 - How Baba Saved My Baby & Wife


I would like to thank the folks behind this site for building and maintaining such a Superb platform and becoming a tool in sharing All of the devoteeís experiences at one place. I am Ramesh Mishra from the united kingdom and I shared many of my earlier experiences through this platform. Iím going to discuss an excellent wonder of Sai Baba of experience very recently and how He helped my wife and our newborn baby boy. My wife was expected to deliver another child and the anticipated due date was 5th December 2014. We were bit tensed since the first delivery was complicated and Sai Baba assisted us then. We had the exact same belief and faith even this time and left everything to Sai Baba. Unfortunately, she handed the due date but there were no signs of labour. We were only awaiting that anything is happening is for our good and Sai Baba is providing the best.

Finally, we have to admit her into the hospital on 15th December 2014 and about 2 pm there have been a few symptoms of labour. We thought very soon the kid is going to be born. But unfortunately the baby was moving around very often and it Wasnít a good sign of labour pains. Doctors, though first agreed with us but later on another Doctor convinced us saying they could try for normal as the very first delivery was normal as well as the birth canal was shaped then. They also assured us that they can lock the babyís position with head and everything will be normal. Hence we agreed to it and also the process began. Though the process was smooth at first, it was difficult later on. The oceans were broken and the babyís heartbeat was little suspicious. We didnít wish to take any more risks and therefore requested for emergency c-section once more.

We all thanked Baba for rescuing my wife and baby. Just when everything was looking great, there came another difficulty. On day two of the birth, though my wife was ok and going to be discharged, physicians identified jaundice and another infection with the infant. What worried us more was that the high infection level as the jaundice was normal in the majority of newborn babies that may go off in 1 to 2 days. We could not forget that night when the disease was diagnosed and was simply praying to Baba and the rest of the Gods to heal our infant. Baby has to be medicated with antibiotics for full five days to check the infection level and has been kept in ICU. We had been with the baby in ICU and by Babaís grace the disease was completely treated following full five times and there were no traces of infection anymore

We were relieved then and heart completely thanked Baba and the rest of the Gods from the bottom of our heart for rescuing us. We canít forget those painful times. Finally, both my wife and baby were doing well and Doctors discharged us on 22nd December 2014 which is exactly after one week of confessing. We are back home and called our son Bhavesh Sai. All this could not have happened without Sai Babaís love and grace and we are all really thankful to Baba once more for helping us throughout most troublesome times.

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