Baba manifested himself helped Shri Chandulal M.Mehta

Baba manifested Himself and helped Shri Chandulal M. Mehta and his wife Smt. Manubai residing at Kadia KaveesWAr Pole, near Bala Hanuman House No. 579, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.....

In February 1953, my wife Smt. Manubai went to Sri Sai Baba Mandir at Therkanbhuvan along with her lady friends. Her friends told her that the Almighty Baba fulfils the wishes of the devotees irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

On the following Thursday, my wife went with our younger son Mukesh to the same Mandir with a coconut during the evening aarati. After the aarati, the temple pujari distributed prasad which was composed of different types of eatables. My wife received some groundnuts as prasad; but she was unhappy as some others got pedhas. Thinking that pedhas were given to selected persons, she was returning home via Kaveeswar Pole Naka. On the way, an unknown person approached her with a bag in his hand saying, “Your husband has sent this prasad. Please keep it in your bag !” He then put the prasad in her bag and went away.

At that time, I was in the office. When I reached home, my wife told me about the prasad I sent through an unknown person. I was surprised as I knew nothing about it. We realised it was Baba’s leela to fulfil the wishes of my wife. We became devotees of Sai after this incident.

In 1948, I performed the marriage of my elder brother Shri Naveen M. Mehta for which I borrowed Rs. 50,000/-.

I was repaying the debt from my salary. Since he was not an earning member, nobody was willing to give their daughter in marriage to my elder brother and thus he was not married before me.

My wife used to solve the crossword puzzle in the Gujarati news-paper Jansatta. In April 1953, she solved the puzzle no. 6 as usual. At that time, I still had to repay a debt of Rs. 3,333/- out of the Rs. 50,000/- I had borrowed. By Baba’s grace my wife won a prize of Rs. 3,333/- in the puzzle. Nothing less, nothing more ! Was it not a miracle of Sri Sai Baba to relieve me from my debt ?


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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