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These are few wonderful experiences of an anonymous devotee.

Anonymous devotee from Singapore says: I am currently residing in Singapore. I moved to Singapore in May 2013 with a heavy heart and anguish. By Baba’s grace my mental stress and tensions are all relieved and I have posted below only some of the experiences by Baba’s grace (from September 2013 to Jan 1ST, 2014).

Experience 1 –Saw Baba in TV on my birthday : It was in July and on my birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to a temple that day. My husband took me out for lunch, but my mind was on Sai. In India, whenever I used to think of him when I was feeling low, he always used to appear from somewhere. He always used to give me some messages or assurances, like showing himself in a photo or idol nearby, even when driving I used to feel his presence around. Thinking all this I watched the roads and vehicles in Singapore where I couldn’t find him. We went for lunch and a movie was going on in the restaurant TV. I was not interested much, but while watching it in the end, Baba appeared on the back of an ambulance in that movie. For me it was a blessing from him on my birthday. I never expected this at all, he is really awesome and miraculous.

Experience 2 -Got a message from Baba : It was in September .I was feeling very depressed and wanted to go and buy flowers and small mala’s for Sai idol I worship. While I was shopping for the small mala’s I picked up few and didn’t like them much. While I picked up one yellow beads mala I felt someone nudging me at my elbow and I dropped the mala from my hands. I picked it up and the same thing happened thrice. For me it was like a message from him to buy that mala. And then when I was shopping I found a card right in front of me. I just picked it up and kept it below my purse. I was wondering what the hell I am doing. It was an old calendar card with Baba’s photo on it (Puttaparthy Sai Baba’s picture). But after I came home, behind the card there was 3 messages 1. Do not regret for the past 2. Do not get anxious for the future 3. Accept what is given at the present time. For me this was a big solace to all my questions and grief. I moved to Singapore with a heavy heart and lot of tensions. I have overcome them all with Baba’s grace.

Experience 3- Baba saved my daughter from a mishap: My daughter fell in the bath tub and broke her tooth. But with Baba’s grace I found the strength not to panic and handled the situation calmly. I thank Baba because he has averted some other mishap that was bound to happen to her.

Experience 4- Baba’s UDI cured my daughter’s diarrhoea-My daughter had diarrhoea and was not taking any medicine for it. She is 4 yrs. old and didn’t have any tablet yet, except syrups. I kept her on curds and avoided junk foods for her stomach to settle down automatically. I took her to the hospital on third day, but she said she was hungry and so we came home to feed her some bread. After returning home, she was reluctant to go to hospital and kept saying that she is fine. I mixed Baba’s Udi in her milk and gave it to her. She totally recovered and never had any motion after that. I thank God with all my heart for protecting us in a foreign land (Singapore).Both the incidents with my daughter took place when my husband was not in Singapore. He travelled to Malaysia on those days. This shows that he is the one who protected my daughter, when she broke her tooth and as a doctor when she had diarrhoea.

Experience 5- Baba planned my Diwali in Singapore: Diwali was approaching and I was feeling very upset about not being in my country and celebrating Diwali. But Baba had other plans for me. He knew my heart ache and planned a wonderful Diwali for me and my daughter. My husband had a project live in office from October last week, so it became clear that he won’t be available too on Diwali. My friend’s sister was in Singapore and they invited us to spend Diwali with them. I made sweets and went to their house for lunch. My daughter enjoyed the company of her two daughters and I felt very comfortable at their place. I saw Baba’s brass idol there and was convinced that this was his planning for me to celebrate my Diwali.

Source : shirdisaibabaexperience.org

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