Sai Leela-281 - Miracles by Baba


I am basically from India, Currently I am in Dubai. Thank you very much for this platform, through this site only I became Babaís devotee. Hello everyone, today I am going to share my experiences for the second time. I am Babaís devotee from 2014. Whenever I face any problem first thing which will come to my mind is that praying to my dear Sai and immediately my problem will get solved. Before I used to take tension if anything went wrong. But now after becoming Babaís devotee I am not taking anything seriously because I know Baba is there to take care of everything and we should just remember Him each and every time. 

2 days back we went to a Jewellery shop and I was taking pictures in my mobile and we came back. After coming back I thought to check my mobile but it was missing. I thought I left my mobile in Jewellery shop only and I called my number through landline 4 times. It was ringing but nobody was picking it up. I was just praying Baba, please help me to get my mobile back, otherwise I would lose all my contacts, which were saved only in my mobile. My husband was also trying to call my number but nobody was picking. Then he went to check in his car and by Babaís grace he found my mobile in his car. I was very happy and thanked my Baba. 

My sister is 7 months pregnant now. Her BP went up suddenly and doctor checked and told they would monitor her BP and if it didnít come down they would have to do Caesarean immediately. After hearing this I was continuously praying to my Sai to please help my sister and by evening I came to know that her BP had become normal. Not only these experiences, I have so many miracles happening everyday by Babaís blessings. 

Last year I got job through Baba after doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat, but I couldnít continue there for more time. Baba I know I donít ask You anything now. Because I donít know which is good and which is bad. You have to decide each and everything in my life. Your plans are always better than my plans. If You think working is good for me, then bless me with a good job. Recently I watched Sai Baba serial on You Tube. I was becoming very emotional whenever I see the way Baba was taking care of His devotees. I loved it very much. 2 days back it was my wedding anniversary. I was praying Baba to bless us on this special day and miraculously my husband agreed to go to the temple. We visited Baba temple and had great darshan for the first time on this special day in these 6 years. I am always grateful for You Baba. Love You so much. You are blood in my body. Without You I canít survive. Please bless me, my family and all Your devotees. Thank You very much for reading my experiences.



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