Leela -238 - He is the doer and nothing in the hands of mankind

It is said that Baba manifests His presence to his devotees in numerous ways. When true devotees turn to Him in times of distress or hopelessness, He shows through different subtle signs that He is with them, guiding them and holding their hand. This was proven to me and my husband through some trying times that we faced.

My husband is a staunch devotee of Baba and through him I became acquainted with Babaís presence. For many years after marriage, my husband and I were trying to conceive and were met with failure in the form of miscarriages. My husband prayed to Baba daily and finally in our third attempt, we were able to carry the baby past the first few months without a miscarriage. But just past the seventh month, I started having contractions and we rushed to the hospital. Before leaving home, my husband went to Babaís picture and asked Him not to forsake us at this juncture. The doctors said that our son was going to be born very early at 31 weeks gestation and they didnít know how well he would thrive. We were devastated and couldnít believe this could happen to us after all that we had been through. I was lost in misery and depression. My husband, while in the same boat looked to Baba for support and surrendered our baby to Him. Our son was born just a few hours after I was taken to the hospital and was immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. We waited anxiously for the doctor to come and tell us if he would survive.

First sign that Baba was with us became clear here. The doctor who came to talk to us was called Dr. Tsai (pronounced Sai). She told us that our son was doing well but would need to be in the hospital for a while. We were anxious on his behalf and I dreaded leaving him at the hospital indefinitely. The second sign of Baba came then. My husband had packed a picture of Baba before we left for the hospital and when he went to take it out, he found that all the Udi in the packet had fallen on the picture of Baba. So we knew Baba was watching over our baby and sure enough within a few weeks, our son came home fully recovered. But Baba was not done with us. Within 1 year of my sonís birth, I delivered a daughter who was born even more premature at 26 weeks gestation. We feared for her life and didnít think she would survive. But Baba came to my aunt in a dream and asked her to have me read the Sai Satcharitra book and complete it within seven days. I did this with hope and devotion. Up until that time, I had only experienced Babaís presence through my husbandís devotion. Once I read the Sai Satcharitra, I came to understand what it meant to surrender to a Sat Guru and feel His spiritual support. I believe Baba took this opportunity to educate me and bring me closer to Him. Slowly my daughter began to improve after undergoing many surgeries. Throughout this difficult time, Baba watched over us. Once, after three months at the hospital, my daughter took a turn for the worse. We were lost in despair when Baba came to my husband in a dream and assured him that our daughter will recover and thrive and gave us a date when she would come home. As Baba mentioned, sure enough she came home and in all that time, Baba kept reassuring us of her progress through multiple dreams. We owe the miracle of our son and daughterís birth and survival to Babaís grace and are grateful that He has enveloped us in His loving embrace. We hope to always have Him as our guide and protector and permanently have a place at His feet.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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