Sai Leela-275 - Couple of Saibaba Udi Miracles


Baba's Udi Miracle Helped my Son

Sai Devotee from Singapore says:  As I promised Baba I am writing this experience. I have a lots of miracles but now will pen down the recent one. My son was having fever for last 5 days, the fever was very high and was not coming down. So we had to take him to a doctor but even after giving medicine it did not subside. He started to have vomiting and loose motions. I was literally crying to Baba that night and gave Udi mixed with water. From that time the fever started coming down and he was fine then. Baba You are great, please bless everyone with good Health and peace who pray to You and need You.

Baba's Udi Miracle Recovered my Car

I am a Lawyer practising in New Delhi. I'm a very cautious driver and my automatic car is 4 years old. 2 weeks ago my Electronic Power Steering suddenly got stuck and stopped working. It refused to turn even upon my forcefully trying to turn it. Obviously I was upset as I had to go for an event in the evening. I tried booking Uber and Ola cabs but they were unavailable due to the Navratas. I prayed fervently to Sai Baba and sprinkled some Udi on the steering wheel requesting Baba to get the EPS working atleast for that evening and I promised to submit my experience on this blog if it did. Voila the steering wheel though still tight started moving and I drove around my house for a while and was eventually able to drive to that event only by Baba's grace. Infact I drove the car for the next 3 days without a hitch and finally took it to the service station.

It was Baba's miracle how I was able to drive my car despite my driver and father trying and failing to even move the steering wheel. Thank You Baba. I'm awfully sorry for the delay in submitting my post in this blog. Jai Baba 




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