Sai Leela-355 - When there is an creation there should be an Creator


When there is an creation there should be an creator . So god exist!!!!

The story how I became devotee of sai baba

My father was mentally affected and we had gone through an one month medical treatment at one of the private hospital in Tirupur but my father was not cured then the doctor advised us to visit the greenest place that makes my father mentally strong and free, so myself and my mom have decided to stay at my father's native vatukapati ( a small village in karur). 

On Sunday night we went to karur. On monday morning my father had a little bit of cold I thought it was not an big problem later ....

On Tuesday he had throat infection the level of muscus influencing highly day by day.

Note : If you found the build of muscus in the throat for aged people immediately look for hospital. This type of muscus will severely damage the lungs.(I was unaware of it and suffered alot )

On Wednesday night my father was troubled to breathe (wheezing) I don't know what to do at Night and the distance to hospital was so long . I called my father's brother he doesn't respond properly the whole night my mother and me cried alot .

On Thursday morning we sought help from other relatives and reached an private hospital at karur . There we have traumatic news from the doctor said that your father have an blood clot in the lungs and the level of bp getting lower hence it is difficult to save your father . I was shattered .

Immediately I called my most dearest friend he gave me some confidence and told me that today is thursday sai baba's day(he had immense faith on baba) so baba will save your dad ,i will pray .

30 mins later Doctor called me and told me that it might be a muscus(Quite Relaxed)but I'm not sure a deep scan should be made, here we don't have such facilities look for other hospitals in coimbatore. He also suggested me kmch hospital.

For the 1st time I Prayed baba by heartly.

In kmch they said your father's lungs were severely affected by virus, there is no clot but the level of muscus in the lungs is so high.For the 1st 2 days they said we can't say anything else let's see how medicines support to your dad's health. Later my relatives discussed with astrologer and said if I stay close with my dad the health condition may not be good to my father so I must keep distance. It is very hard for me to leave my father . And I went home thinking of my dad memories. My brother stayed in the hospital.

My friend had already told baba's glory so I brought immense faith on baba . Once I reached home I searched for baba's picture finally I found it on a calendar .

I prayed I cried , every day I prayed baba for 1 hour or some day more than an hour before the calendar.

By the glory of baba my father's health improved day by day. After 11 days my father shifted to an normal ward . Every day they allowed 3times(7am,12.30pm,7pm) to see ICU patients . Before 10mins of every call from my brother I pray baba .I received 18 calls out of which 17 were positive only 1 call were negative(the level of bp getting low not as much)

I bought saibaba's statue from the same place where my father admitted (kmch hospital)

Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai !!!


Source: As Narrated by Raj Kumar from India.

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