Sai Leela-351 - Sai, The Saviour Of My Hope And Prayers


Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello to all Sai devotees, Om Sai Ram! I am from a small town of Jharkhand. My words and literal won’t be enough if I try to pen down all my experiences of Sai Baba’s Leela. I pray to Him to give me this opportunity again and again and blesse me all the time. This is my first post in the experience blog and I thank  who help us to be closer to our love, Sai Baba.

I had been planning to visit Shirdi from long time but for some reasons, I was unable to do so. One day I decided that no matter what, I will go in few days and I prayed Baba to help me. Few months ago I booked my ticket for Shirdi and Nasik darshan. On the day of my flight, due to some work I was little delayed to leave for airport than expected. Due to heavy traffic jam, the GPS was showing the time if at which I would reach then I may have missed the flight. I was worried and just remembered Baba’s saying. Already I was planning since so long and now if I miss the flight then darshan may also have to be delayed again. I was wondering if I would be able to book another flight. Also I prayed Baba to make me reach on time despite of all heavy traffic. And the magic happened. I suddenly got a message from the airline that the particular flight was delayed by 1 hour. I was so happy and joyous. I thanked Baba and I was just thinking that Baba saved me. Till date I remember that feeling of having Shirdi darshan hassle free. It was almost impossible for the flight to be delayed and it was only Baba Who calls their devotee at right time. Thanks Baba!

After the wonderful darshan, I was able to get two Udi packets at Baba’s door and I just made a wish of giving one Udi packet to an old special friend anytime I meet him first time. I knew about Baba and respected Him but I could get connected to Sai Maa, His divinity, His blessings and love because of Him. I carried the packet in my wallet so that it was always with me.

After couple of months, I was traveling to Sri Lanka for a small family holiday. Because of Friday’s traffic, I had to start early but I was not able to do so. Finally when I saw the traffic was huge, still I would be able to somewhat able to manage to catch the flight. Since it was international trip, I had to carry my passport which was the most important thing which I had forgotten and realised only after traveling half the way and had to miss the flight anyway. My family went ahead and I had to book another flight to reach the next day. After too many permutation and combination, I was able to book a connecting flight to Chennai. It was a domestic travel and then to Colombo was an international one. Next day morning when I reached the airport, I was informed that for connecting flight for international trips I had to report almost around an hour before and hence my boarding couldn’t happen. I rushed to the other counter and the executive assured he would arrange alternative with minimum cost and I was able to get that. After so much hassle, I was just in the state of thinking of why and what was happening. I had read Satcharitra that very morning and I remembered the lesson of that chapter that if you want something, God and nature gives you hint so that you can make use of the opportunities and not be scared. When I was sitting wondering about all these, only one question crossed my mind was, Baba what are You trying to hint me with so many missing flights and many other confusing questions? Then suddenly I saw my friend for whom I had been wishing to give Udi was seen. I thanked Baba to show him first. Then I went and searched him after security check-in but after sometime I saw him. I was filled with joy and prayers and Baba. At that very moment of a second when I found him, I could feel Baba’s energy and blessings on me. However after that I could not see him again talk to him. I left a message to him but did not get reply. By the time I could figure again, he had boarded his flight. I was roaming with Udi and then requested the guard if it was possible to give the Udi to one of the passenger in that flight. They said no. I was sad and again filled with questions but I was far more pleased to meet him atleast.

Then the day came when I was returning from my break. Last minute I came to know that since I had missed my inward journey my onward ticket was automatically cancelled about which my travel agent did not inform. For sometime I did not find any suitable flight till next day afternoon. I just remembered Baba and then next time when I searched I got a flight which was after sometime. But then I was worried even if I reach, will I be able to get the connecting flight or not because the landing time of the current flight and boarding time of my connecting flight was same. I prayed Baba of helping me to catch the flight so that I can reach home in time. Baba did the magic again and the landing happened 15 mins earlier than the expected and boarding started 15 mins later than the expected time. I ran towards catching my flight but then I saw all the counters were closed where I could get printed boarding pass. Suddenly I got the help and was almost among the last passenger to get in the flight. I thanked Baba a lot again and again and was explaining my experiences to my sister which I am writing now here.

We reached my destination and were waiting to collect our luggage. My eyes went to the arrival flight list and I remembered which airline he was travelling back from his holiday destination but did not know the timings. When I saw the same airline and destination flight had arrived, for once I thought that if I get to meet him again I will definitely reach out, talk and then give him Baba’s blessings. However I thought this was not possible, Baba had given me an opportunity but I could not do. Let Baba Himself take care of this and my wishes. It was almost 12:30 at night and I was busy looking for my cab and bus options when my sister suddenly told me look who is there in the bus in front of me. When I saw him, I was unable to believe that my prayers were heard. I had seen him again but due to some internal conflicts, I was thinking what to do then? It looked like Baba’s plan to send His Udi to him to fulfil my wish as well as to reach him. I sent my sister on the same bus as they lived nearby and asked her to give him. She was feeling little awkward. But Sai had planned it so well. I suddenly got message from my friend acknowledging the previous message which I had sent him couple of days ago. He spoke to my sister and she handed over the Udi. I thanked Baba for that small chat and actually helping me to reach wherever that was intended and wished to. This is how Baba plans everything in a beautiful way that before anyone actually understands, things happen. And if someone just keeps worrying it may take time. His timings are perfect. Shraddha and Saburi! Om Sai Ram! I acknowledge that sometimes when I feel low, I am also filled with anxieties and wrong thoughts, but I sincerely pray to my Sai to take away all those bad things, help me to pass all His exams so that before fulfilling our wish we become deserving and bless me and all of us. Om Sai Ram!

Source: Shridisaiexperience


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