Sai Leela-305 - Merciful Sai

With blessings of SaiBaba im here sharing my own experience with everyone.

Im an ardent devotee of Baba. I have a daughter and she, like others completed her studies and got married to the person whom she wanted to marry. Life went on smooth for everyone. Like everyone I was also eagerly awaiting my grandchild. But it just got postponed and 3 years passed. Like me my son in law and his parents too are very strong devotees of Baba.

I had never been to Shirdi before and I wanted to visit Shirdi at least once in my lifetime I was working in private sector and taking leave for mandatory things itself is a very big problem. But every day I used to pray Baba that please bless me to visit Shirdi. I started 9 weeks of saiBaba pooja and use to do pooja at home on every Thursday and will leave to work after that. With blessings of Baba successfully completed 8weeks of pooja. Now friends, here comes the miracle of our sweet Baba.  By Babaís grace the opportunity to visit Shirdi came. My joy knew no bounds. Whoever reading this canít imagine how emotional it would have been for the person who is longing to visit Shirdi.  I along with my brother &sister family planned to visit Shirdi through private travel agency.

 We visited Shirdi in the month of December 2013. A guide accompanied us during the trip and since he is a frequent visitor to Shirdi we found no difficulty during our travel. He showed us many places in Shirdi where Baba used to be. I sincerely prayed Baba and begged him to bless my daughter with a baby. We all were back to our places safely and I completed my last week of Baba pooja after returning from Shirdi. With this I completed nine weeks successfully. The next week I went to my daughters place for a pooja which comes in the month of August. There I was telling everyone about my visit to Shirdi and the next day when I was about to leave to my place my daughter was slightly not well and readers can you guess what? Yes, my daughter was pregnant. See how wonderful the leela of Baba is. We were all so happy and later the couples were blessed with a baby boy.

Im so much thankful to Baba for this wonderful miracle. This is just one but there are many miracles in everyday walks of life. If u take one step towards Baba he will take ten steps to come near you and protect you. When you see problems before you just hold more tightly the lotus feet of Baba and im sure from that moment onwards you can even forget about that problem because it no more belongs to you. Be patient. Have faith in Baba you will have miracles pouring in your life. With blessings of Baba im here concluding my miracle for the week.



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