Leela -161 - Blessings of Baba 

By: Seema Kapoor

Today before I share my experience with all “Sai” followers, I join hands and offer my prayers to “Baba” to bless us all. In the past few years I have received great kripa from “Baba” and as I sit to write today. I have tears in my eyes and my heart is full of admiration for the great saint who has bestowed his blessings every now and then and guided me in my difficult days.
We are a middle class family leading a very normal life with no grudges. “Sai” had blessed us with all the amenities of life and life was smooth. My husband is into business but as the time never remains the same. Just to put it in words, days were turning into a nightmare and we did not know what was happening. My husband was blessed with Midas Touch but everything was turning into ruins. We were running for clothes, food, fees for the children, house rent and so on. The list is unlimited.

In between all this a friend of mine bought me a portrait of “Sai Baba” from “Shirdi”. Without bothering much, I kept sometime here, sometime there and sometimes in vague corner. Little did I realize that this small gift of “Sai Baba” portrait would do wonders. One day Baba knew, he had an insight about how my heart was crying all the time.

Few days later what happened is a surprise for all. One fine day I was sitting in my shop and my husband was wandering for work. A ray of hope changed everything. I picked up the portrait of “Sai Baba” bathed it, opened the locker of the shop and placed it in one corner. Those words are still fresh in my mind that “Baba” I have made a place for you in the locker of the shop and now its your duty to fulfill the empty one. I am passing through a period where there is no day light. Do show me some lighted path.

For all my “Sai” followers. I beg to say that there was no looking back from that time. Children have been blessed with good education, husband has good business and to top it all he has not removed “Baba” from there. He makes it a point to offer his prayers everyday. If “Sai” has blessed me in times unbearable. I pray to him to bless all individuals who believe in him, who pray to him and who offer their heart and soul in his “Sewa”.

Source: SpiritualIndia

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