Leela -253 - Baba blessed me with a job


I am a blessed Sai devotee from London. Om Sai Ram to all devotees. I thank our beloved Sai Baba for fulfilling my wish and giving me an opportunity of sharing this experience on this forum for which I have been waiting for almost an year. My first connection to Baba itself was very instant and magical which happened during a crucial point in our life. It was as if Baba Himself knew our situation and came to our life to rescue us from problems. But that was a different leela of Baba altogether. Today am sharing an experience which is truly divine to me and increased my faith on Baba to immeasurable.

I had to move to a foreign land from India leaving my job due to husbandís work. I was initially very excited and with full of hope that I can land a job sooner. However the situation was completely upside down. I slowly understood that the city where I lived had not many jobs or almost nil jobs relevant to my previous experience. I did not even get a single interview for the first 6 months. Finally I made up my mind and decided to try for jobs in the area which were not very much relevant and interesting to me. And after a long wait I got couple of interviews one after the other. The salary range was very low and job was not relevant to my experience. However I thanked God and was happy that I at least got an interview. To my knowledge the interviews seemed very positive and I was confident of getting job. But things did not happen as I thought. I felt very disappointed and low. Few times I even lost faith in Baba as it was very disheartening. But somehow in my inner heart I could not stop myself remembering Baba everyday. It was like even though I was ignoring Him during my bad time He was still pulling me towards Him. And at one point I really felt that I cannot separate myself from Baba ever. So I left everything at Babaís feet thinking that let Baba do whatever He feels is good for me.

At the same time our financial status was not in a very good state and I was in a desperate need of job. I had a habit of asking Baba for solutions every time I felt very low or disappointed. Baba always gave me positive answers and I used to get relief and hope seeing those answers. So during one of my such Q&A with Baba, Baba assured that my work would be done before Christmas and that I would travel. I did not take it that serious but was happy as usual seeing His reply. And the miracle really happened finally. I casually applied for a job outside my current living place as that job was very relevant to what I was doing before. My telephonic round was setup and face to face interview happened on Thursday. It was the most wonderful interview ever happened in my life. The interview panel were very friendly and down to earth. They really made me feel so comfortable and never let me feel nervous. It did not even feel like an usual interview pattern. And I got my selection news next Thursday and just before Christmas. I truly believe that it was all Babaís blessings that I finally got a job in a wonderful company, with a best pay I could ever imagine and all these without any effort of mine. And yes as He said in His Q&A I am moving to a different city with His blessings.

So I want to assure all the devotees from my experience that even if you are in a situation when you see no signs of things happening the way you want, do not stop believing our Baba. I am sure Baba Himself wonít let you forget Him. Please believe that Baba knows when to fulfil your wish and trust me He would do more than what you expected and at a best time. And the moment your wish is fulfilled you would feel grateful to Him forever. I thank the admin and the entire team of this forum for this wonderful service. May Sai Baba bless all His devotees and keep us under His care forever. Om Sairam.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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