Baba Given eye sight to Shri Laxman Avare Thajanpur Chehedi



Shri laxman Abaji Avare, Thajanpur Chthedi near Sinner, Nasik district was suffering from eye pain and water began to ooze from the eyes for about six mon­ths. His Eye sight has gone even though medicines were tried. Some one had advised him to go to Shirdi for permanent cure. He came to Shirdi with his mot­her for Baba's darshan on a Thursday. At that time slabs have been fixed in the "Sabha Mantap" of Dhwarakamai. Son and mother took Baba's darshan. Baba gave them udi and blessed them by saying "Allah Acha Karega" They have gone to their home. Afterwards the pain and the water in the eyes have been ceased. From that time onwards they used to come to Shirdi on every Thursday for Baba's darshan. Likewise they came to Shirdi for six months.


Once their villagers have insisted his mother and sent them to J. J, Hospital, Bombay for treatment. At the time when they prepa­red to go to Bombay his body became more or like with burning sensation. Without minding that they have gone to Bombay. There an English expert doctor exa­mined his eyes and told that the eyes have been spoiled and that the eye sight was however not possible. They returned to the village and determined whether eyesight comes or not, they have to stay with Baba. Thus they stayed at Shirdi for sometime. His mother after some days left him alone in SHIRDI and gone to the village.


He stayed in Shirdi with firm belief in Baba. He used to wash his eyes with the face washing water of Baba in the morning. After doing this for one month, all on a sudden, his eye sight came. When he took Baba's darshan in Chawadi one evening, Baba gently clapped His hands on his chest. From that time his eye became very much clear. He was in Shirdi till Baba's Mahasamadhi. Then Radhakrishnamai requested him to pump the well water, now in Saranjame Baug and also he will do all the work ordered by her. His firm faith and patience towards Baba gave him perma­nent relief from his blindness.


Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation   and Deliverance be there ! I

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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