Sai Leela-354 - Baba Lives on for those who have Faith & Patience


I would like to relate an incident that happened to a friend, this is not a personal experience but heard of this miracle from the friend.

My friend constructed an independent house somewhere in Chennai. He had finished the ground floor and performed griha pravesh (house warming ceremony) and moved in with his family - his wife and a four year old daughter. The parapet walls on the terrace were yet to be completed and the work was underway. The steel bars were exposed partially above the roof structure and the terrace was accessible by a set of stairs on the outside. His wife had tied a clothesline on the terrace, using the exposed steel rods, and had hung a few clothes to dry. Around 4 PM, she went to the terrace to pick up the clothes accompanied by the young daughter. While she was taking the clothes from the line, the young daughter was playing on the terrace and accidentally toppled over while chasing a ball or some toy. Since there was no parapet wall, she fell from the terrace on the stones lying on the ground below. The mother on seeing this let out a cry and fainted.

A few minutes later, the daughter was trying to wake up her mother, 'Amma, Amma, get up'. When the mother became conscious, she was aghast at the daughter waking her up and asked if she was ok. She was dumbfounded on seeing her daughter intact with no injuries or bruises. She hugged and asked her daughter, 'I saw you falling over but how come you are here and that too with no injuries?’ The daughter replied, 'I fell down on my face and was injured, just then an old man, came near me, woke me up, took me in his arms, touched my bleeding forehead and said, don't worry my child, you will be fine. Go up and get your mother'. My injuries vanished and I ran up the stairs to you. The mother was yet to recover from the shock of seeing her daughter fall down and when she heard this was further shocked. She asked, 'My dear, how did he look like?’ The daughter replied, 'Amma, he was exactly as in the picture in our Pooja room, you pray to him daily, the same old person'. The mother could not control her tears and ran down to the streets to find him. Alas, there was no one around. She ran to the Pooja room with her daughter. 'Was he the same old man?’ she asked her daughter, pointing to Shirdi Sai Baba's image. 'Yes, same Baba, Amma!’. The mother knealt down in immense gratitude with tears in her eyes. What could she say?

Baba lives on, for those who have faith and patience (Shraddha and Saburi), he is eternal.


Source: As Narrated by Venky Natarajan from India.

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