Sai Leela-292 - Baba blessed my Husband on Gurupurnima and have him a government job


SAIAnonymous Devotee from Australia says: Sai Ram to all devotees and special thanks to the team for providing this amazing platform where devotes can share their experiences and strengthen their faith and bonding with our beloved Baba. I live in Australia and i am a small devotee of Baba. My life changed completely after Sai came to my life. Since then my life is Indebted to Him and Baba has performed so many miracles in my life that I feel so blessed to have Him in my life. Today with Baba’s grace I would like to share most recent experiences with Sai which touched our souls. Me and my husband moved to Australia in 2008. We pay visit to Baba’s temple every weekend. My husband and his family are devotees of Lord Ganesha. I strongly believe God is one in whichever form you worship and if you pray to God with pure heart your prayers are surely answered. But my mother-in law has a bad habit of forcing her beliefs on everyone. She keeps on forcing me to worship lord Ganesha and other deities. Though I have equal respect for all the Gods I have firm faith in my Guru my Sai whom I worship wholeheartedly. Baba has helped my husband in getting jobs many times and has taken him out of crisis. But it is rightly said that we humans are ungrateful. We tend to remember God during our trouble times and forget him once we get what we desired for. Something very similar happened with my husband.

My in-Laws were here for a visit period of 6 months. As per my Mother-in Law’s nature she started making changes in our home temple and moved Baba’s pictures on small table beside our temple. She also started forcing my husband to only worship Lord Ganesha. I have no issues if they worship other Gods but removing Baba’s Pictures from temple was absolutely unnecessary. Her behaviour was very childish and immature but I kept quite as I knew she will pick up a fight on this issue. Soon my husband’s behaviour changed completely. He became more aggressive and arrogant. He started telling me he will only worship Ganpati and started showing less interest in accompanying me to Baba’s temple. My sister-in law brought Baba’s idol from Shirdi and he refused to take it saying I do not have any space in my temple. Though I accepted the idol and placed it in my temple and I worship it. He also refused to provide volunteering services when temple was looking for a volunteer who could do evening Aarti once a week. I was silently observing everything and it was killing me from inside. Very soon his downfall began. He used to work as a senior claims officer for a travel insurance company and was about to be promoted as team leader as promised by his general manager. But after he returned to work from two weeks of annual leave he was shocked to learn that he was sidelined due to office politics and wasn’t given the recognition he deserved. He was back stabbed by his colleague while he was away. He was extremely saddened and upset.

Meanwhile he got job offer from another company and he hastily accepted it. He fell in a bigger trouble. His interview was taken by operations manager but his immediate boss was on leave at that time. He was offered senior role with good salary package and was also promised his own team in couple of months. When he joined the new company his immediate boss showed dislike towards him from day 1 as she wanted to promote one of her relative but my husband was hired instead. She made his life hell. She was on fault finding mission. She would keep complaining about my husband to operations manager every now and then. She would falsely accuse him for mistakes and was always rude to him. He used to work extra hours, lost his peace of mind, sleep and health. It was a very traumatic period for both of us. I started praying to Baba but there was no relief for us. Finally he resigned and was looking for another opportunity. He attended many interviews but nothing was getting materialized. He sat home without Job for month and a half. Although I am working full time we were worried about house repayments as our expenses became more than income. He was depressed and dejected and he started to lose confidence. I casually told him if he could start reading Sai Satcharitra for peace of mind as I didn’t wanted to force anything upon him. He did Parayan for 1 week and started to gain confidence again. He apologized to Baba wholeheartedly and asked for His forgiveness. Still things were not looking positive for us.

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima he decided to go to Baba’s temple by walking from our home which is about 11 Kilometres and ask for His forgiveness and bless him with a job. As Australian roads are very hilly and not straight like Indian roads I was really worried about his journey. But he experienced Baba’s Leela during his Journey and was completely awestruck. After walking about 5 Km from home my husband was very tired and he stopped at a signal. He just said in his mind “Baba I am really tired. I don’t know how I will reach your temple” Just then a black Mercedes Benz passed by him and he caught a glance at car’s number plate which had “SAI “written on it. He got very happy as he thought Baba is with him. He said he didn’t realize how he walked another 6 KM in just 45 minutes and reached the temple. When he went inside the Temple all the volunteers were busy in preparation of evening function. He was very thirsty but was hesitant to ask for glass of water. My sister in law was going to drop him home. She briefly spoke with one of the volunteers that my brother came walking today and she will drop him home and will come back to temple. While my husband took Baba’s blessings and was about to walk out of the temple that volunteer lady came to my husband and said “You came walking from so far. You should at least have a glass of water and Prasad before you leave” My husband was overjoyed to hear that.

After drinking water and taking Prasad he bowed to Baba and again started walking out of the temple. Again one of the lady volunteers called him and asked him if he could lift Baba’s Palki and put it on the table. Yes he was the first person to lift Baba’s Palki on day of Gurupurnima. How merciful is our lord Sai? Not only Baba granted him forgiveness but also blessed him with Government job the very following week. When my husband came home he was very emotional and he told me he is not sure why he asked Baba to give him Government job. And the very following week he got call from recruitment agency offering him long term contract in a very reputed Government department. Amazing are His Leela’s and amazing are His ways to teach us important lessons of life. My husband has now become adherent devotee of Baba and has vowed to never leave His Holy Feet. May Sai Baba bless all of us. Om Sai Ram.



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