Baba helped me with my VISA to pursue my post graduation



Ever since I joined in Engineering, I had a penchant of pursuing my Master's overseas. It was in 2010 where I completed my B.Tech and wanted to pursue my studies in the United Kingdom. Although my sister(cousin) who had been living there with her family for over 10-12 years supported me in the beginning, she didn't want me to go to the U.K after learning about the Stringent Immigration rules.I felt sad and thought BABA was not with me anymore and didn't want me to go abroad. But a few months later while reading the incident from chapter 25 from Sri Sai Charitra where BABA refuses Damu Anna's wishes of starting cotton and grain businesses, I realized the words of Him that He will only give me what I deserve and be happy with. Here Baba saved me from going to the UK for my studies as I would need to come back if I don't find an employment in 45 days after my course ends.

The same day, I was in a dilemma not knowing what to do sitting in the masjid in BABA's temple in my home town. I have decided to pursue Masters in the USA. I worked hard cleared all my exams and got admissions from good universities. I also used to tutor students to earn some money as I love teaching and want to become a professor after my Master's but, unfortunately, before going for my visa I happened to meet with an accident and fractured my leg. I was strictly warned to rest home. This made me so hapless where I had to spend my days sitting home after my bachelors where few of my friends already found employment and few of them were already in the US pursuing their Post graduation studies. During these days while going through the Satcharitra. I came across another incident where Dasganu, a devotee of Lord Shiva was slowly accepted by BABA and loved the most. This period being the Karthikamasa- the most holiest period in a year, I slowly started going to Lord shiva's temple with my dad every monday with the injured leg and slowly applied udi to recover. I recovered so early that I never expected I could and started my visa trials. I started believing that BABA and Shiva are the same forms but didn't worship Lord Balaji due to some reasons.

Unfortunately, I was denied my US visa. Few days before my last visa attempt I got a dream that exactly happened on the visa interview day. In this dream BABA appeared and said "All your doors are closed except Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva". I usually get BABA's dreams in the mornings after dawn. I strictly followed this dream and started worshiping Balaji (Vishnu Avtar) and thought "what ever is expected to happen will happen" so I applied to Canada for a diploma program and thought I could change my course to a post graduation level after getting my Visa. My parents also prayed that they are going to take me to Tirupathi after I get my visa.

As I had no hopes, I applied for my visa and was off to Bangalore for job search because, although I believed BABA from the bottom of my heart, my thoughts that I was not able to overcome my dreams of pursuing my higher studies overseas made me hopeless. But the moment I landed in Bangalore and started my job hunt, I got a message from my parents that my Visa has been granted and I felt happy for it. I was again in a dilemma if I would get a course transfer to a post graduation program from a diploma, but after my parents forced me not to miss this opportunity as I was trying for this over 2-3 years, I came back home and booked my flight tickets and made arrangements to transfer my course.Although the college refused to provide me admission in the beginning, they later provided me admission and I directly enrolled in the new college for a Post graduation program of my interest and the coursework here is the same as that of the coursework in the university that I actually want to pursue my studies in the USA.

Firstly, BABA helped me by removing my Aghyan that I should believe in the Almighty - Dattatreya i.e Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Secondly, He taught me the art of living with peace and simplicity by making me read His stories and singing His leelas. The dreams that I experience make me feel so blessed when I understand the importance of them and face them in reality. I would say that Had it not been His blessings I would never have been living this life.

I pray to Him to let my life go smooth here and help me find a good employment to be able to repay the loan and be in a good position where I would make my family proud of me.

Dear Babaji, you are the King of Kings, I am the slaves of slaves, you are my only loving parent and I am one among tens of thousands of your devotees. I humbly pray to you to take care of all your children answering their prayers and giving them what they deserve and also accept people who want to choose you as their Guru/Parent/God.

Sainath Maharaj Ki jai

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