Baba saved the life of Shri B.R.Kakade from floods & his daughter from Typhoid

How I became a Sai devotee will mean explaining my experiences from my point of view. Perhaps the result of such writing may lead readers towards the path of devotion to Sai, in whom I have full faith.

I did not believe in God in my childhood; but my father never got angry with me or used any harsh words for my peculiar thinking about God. However, he used his intellect to change my mind, through his colleagues who befriended me. They asked me to read some religious books for them as they were old. This resulted in my changing of views about God in the ‘sagun’ and ‘nirgun’ aspects (form and formless aspects). The marble idols of God which were mere stones for me in the beginning of my life now became the source of inspiration in my daily life.

In 1927, when I was 16 and studying in school, I was trapped in the big flood of Gujarat. I was at Baroda with my father at that time. Heavy floods divided the city into two parts. My father and I were in one part and my grandmother and younger brother on the other side. We tried to cross the high level river bridge; but the police objected to this. However, we entered the water and when the water reached upto my neck we were trapped and could not return. At this critical juncture of life and death, a tall man about 7 ft. in height, with a beard and a ‘rumal’ (kerchief) tied on his head shouted loudly and directed us both to stand where we were. He came through the water and holding us with his hands guided us safely to the other side of the roaring river where my grandmother and brother awaited us anxiously. When I inquired about the person who saved us he was nowhere to be seen. I was wonderstruck and tried to find him; but in vain. This was my first devotional darshan of Sri Sai Baba in my life (in 1927).
In 1943, my eldest daughter was suffering from a relapsed case of typhoid for 42 days. A committee of three doctors declared her case as ‘fatal’. On the 41st day of her illness they asked me to leave this case to God. It so happened that an old bearded man from Chennai, who was an acquaintance of my friend in Baroda, came to visit us when he saw my daughter he told me not to fear. I was surprised when I heard this for I was facing a critical moment in my life. But, the old man convinced me in such a way that, I became fearless.

In the night, after the man left, my daughter dreamt of Sri Sai Baba. She improved thereafter. I inquired with my friend about the old man; but in vain. I am sure that the old man’s advice was nothing but a devotional darshan of Sri Sai Baba for the second time in my life.


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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