Sai Leela-353 - Baba's Grace & Multiple Experience


Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you for this amazing platform Sai is my heart, body and soul. My life is void without Him. I am a regular visitor of Sai answers page.

My mind is at peace when Baba speaks with me through this site. Once Baba told me to donate 100 rupees in that. I thought of going to Baba’s temple by that evening. I had no car at that time so asked auto driver to take me to the temple. Since Sai Baba temple is at a considerable distance from my home, auto driver told me that he had some other savari (ride). I was much anxious on hearing that and was telling to myself that may be Baba doesn't want to see me. All of a sudden a car with Baba's picture at its back appeared in front of me. My joy knew no bounds. I was speechless. Such is the power of Baba. He comes running for those devotees who surrender completely at His feet.

My second miracle is that my father was looking for an alliance for my brother. There were better well-off grooms in our community circle. But many well-off girls' families were interested in my brother. Even they came by themselves with their families to my father's house looking for him. He is so much blessed. No one other than Baba can grace such blessings. I pray Him to bless my brother with the best of them all.

Third miracle is that my father all of a sudden got dengue fever. It is such a deadly disease that it has taken away lives of many people. I was very much afraid and upset. An auspicious thing was about to happen in our family and I was scared whether my father's health condition would affect. Usually people affected will have their platelets getting dropped no matter what and then only will recover. But our Sadguru Baba had made my father's platelets count to get increased the very next day. I had never imagined in my life that I would be able to see such miracles with my naked eye in my life. I have done some merits in my past birth which made me to get know of my beloved Baba.

Finally, on one day I got an intimation that I should complete Sai Satcharithra within 18 hours of my donation of 100 rupees as mentioned in my first miracle. I had completed only 35 chapters only by then. I made the donation on Thursday night 7 pm. I had time only till Friday 1 pm. I was very much anxious that how would I complete the remaining 17 chapters despite of the night following as I am not a night person. Besides my in-laws and my nephew reside with me and thus making difficult for me to have lonely time with Baba. By night I was able to complete only 39 chapters. I woke up by 7:30 am only on Friday morning. I needed to help my mother-in-law in household chores and go to office by 9:30 am. I was very much tensed and prayed to Baba to pave way for me to complete the remaining 13 chapters. Who have ever been disappointed when they have surrendered to Baba? Fortunately by His pure blessings, I was able to complete it by 11:30 am itself. Had it been other days, I would have never been able to complete all the chapters within the destined time. Baba is my saviour always. I am clueless how can be my life without Him. He proves that He is omnipresent every time.

I hope to the fullest that Baba will definitely make me realise that miracle also. I will definitely post my experience within the very next day once it happens. Also Baba I beg You one more thing. Please free me from the depression that I am suffering right now. I want my tongue to pronounce/chant Your name always. Please Sai. Help me in this.

All hail Sairam.

Source: Shridisaiexperience


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